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Main Reasons Mold Remediation Should Be A Priority

Main Reasons Mold Remediation Should Be A Priority

Mold Remediation

Mold is one of the biggest potential dangers lurking in your home. A big benefit of working with a company that handles mold remediation is that the professionals get rid of it all. You can also pick up some tips on how to prevent future growth. 

You and anyone you live with can bring in mold spores on their clothing and shoes. The spores can also come in through open doors and windows. Water sources often attract them, such as the standing water left behind by a leaky pipe. Mold is a common hazard found after a flood or a fire, too. 

You might think you can clean up mold on your own. But there are some big reasons why you need professional mold removal services.

Prevent Health Problems

Exposure to mold presents some serious health problems. Touching the mold can irritate your skin and leave behind a bad rash. Inhaling the mold spores is even more dangerous. You can develop asthma simply from living in a home with a lot of mold. 

Those who have asthma often experience worsening symptoms as do those who suffer from other breathing problems. Many people notice some flu-like symptoms that worsen with time. Mold removal helps you prevent these and other health problems.

Limit Visible Damage

Visible damage refers to any damage you can see around your home. If you had a window AC that leaked during the long Asheville summer, you might see green or black streaks and spots on both the window sill and the wall below the unit. Those streaks and spots are signs of mold. You can also see the presence after your basement is flooded. In some cases, the mold stops at the highest point of the water and leaves behind a dark line, but it can also rise higher than that. Mold cleaning services remove all visible traces of it.

Reduce Structural Damage

In addition to visible damage, mold also causes structural damage. This refers to any area of your home that affects its overall integrity. Mold reaches areas you cannot see as well as those you would never think to check. If you see dark spots on the walls, you may have mold growing inside the drywall. It weakens the wall as it grows and may soon cause the wall to collapse. Mold affects your floor in a similar way, weakening it to the point that it can no longer support you or your furniture. Professional help will reduce structural damage and can even stop it before it happens.

Save Money

The cost to replace a wall is high and replacing a mold-infested floor is even higher. Mold remediation should be a priority because it saves you money. The cost of having a company inspect your home and decide on the best course of treatment is much less than the cost of fixing mold damage. If you allow the mold to spread, you may need to spend weeks in a hotel until the mold remediation company can clean and sanitize your home. It can save you time as you don’t need to spend as much time away, too.

Stop the Spread

Once you have a mold problem, the spores spread fast to other rooms. Those spores can even grow on the clothing in your closets. You might not know it until you pull out a shirt you rarely wear. It’s also possible for spores to grow on and inside books as well as on your furniture and curtains. You need a mold inspection company to help you stop the spread. The more the mold spreads, the longer it will take to treat it and the more you’ll pay for the services you need.

Get Rid of it All

Some homeowners think they can handle mold remediation on their own. They find themselves spending even more in the future because they didn’t find it all. Trust the professionals who will get rid of it all. 

At Secure Restoration, our inspection finds the cause of the mold and gives you some good solutions. We also accept calls 24/7 to help in emergencies and help you file a claim with your insurer. Don’t delay in getting all the help you need.

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