Kodachadri Trek – A Perfect Detailed Trek

Kodachadri Trek – A Perfect Detailed Trek

Kodachadri Trek


Kodachadri Trek Located in the Shimonga district and is known for trekking in Karnataka. It is in the heart of the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. The Kodachadri trek offers trekkers an adventure, a charm, and it is indeed a lifetime of experience. 

One has to trek through the paddy fields, quaint villages, thick forests, beautiful grasslands. To more freshen up your trekking experience, one will also come across a waterfall. This overall, will refresh your entire journey. The entire grasslands and the hills surrounding it is a sight that one can never forget. 

Not just the nature elements that one will have encounter. But, there is also a beautiful temple located at the top of the hill. This is almost a thousand years old and has a very rich history. 

The trek is not only just beautiful but has a very beautiful yet very rich history. It makes the entire journey even more eventful and wholesome. 


People who love trekking and can just have a view of the beautiful rolling mountains. One can just get moved by the greenery the mountain holds and one can hear the chirps of birds. It is located at an altitude of almost 5800ft. The mountains are slowly replaced by the green luscious grasslands as one moves forwards to their destination.

After this, one is refreshed by the sight of the Hidlumane waterfall which is a series of 7 waterfalls. One can feel the cold water and a subtle coldness in the area. It is due to the dense forest. There is also the water that splashes against the rocks and the big broken trees.  It is a delight for the trekkers. It is also for the people who are drawn to religious mythology and as the sacred Temple of Mookambika. This temple was made during the 7A.D which makes it an overall remarkable trip for religious people as well. 

One can read about the history of the temple of Mookambika of how the goddess killed the demon Mookasura.

Since it is located in the peak of the mountain. The temperature is cold there and the temple is mostly surrounded by mist. The temple itself holds a very rich past and is itself seems to be very beautiful and also holding a very aesthetic view of the mountains all over.

How to reach:

The trek can take a start from 3 base villages. This trek can be done either from Nittur or Kattinahole  or even the Vallur side. If one wants to travel from their car, they have to start their journey from kattinahole side. 

One has an option to choose the trail of the waterfall’s side or maybe go for a jeep track where they will straight away reach at the top of the Kodachadri top.

Trekking is comparatively easy because the trail isn’t as steep as one might imagine till one has reached the Kattinahole village. From there there is more of a trekking trail and one might enjoy the sweat after watching the view from th hilltop. If one wants to choose the easy tekking trail ( and probably the less exciting one) one can skip the waterfall trail. 

Trekking Trail

 The entire trekking trail, if one has come up for a vacation mind and not just complete the destination takes almost 2 days to complete as the journey starts from either of the three base villages to the last hut of Hindulame where one can enjoy the serene sound of the beautiful trail of waterfalls and then they can start their journey from the hindulame to Kodachadri hill top as their final destination.

 The distance from the base villages to the Hindulame waterfall is approximately 6.20 KMs and takes about 2 hours to complete the trek. One can opt for a nightstay in the beautiful place admist the waterfall and the beautiful forest. And then from the Hindulame waterfall to the hill top of Kodachadri is approximately a distance of 2 KMs and approximately takes one and a half hour. 

After reaching there one can also visit the great historic temple and enrich their minds with the history of the old sacred temple which was built thousands of years ago. 

Overall, the entire journey can freshen one’s head and if one needs a break from the daily tensions of life, this short journey is something that one should always have in their mind.

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