Impact of Big Data in Improving Your Social Media Marketing

Improving Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing started with the inception of social media platforms, has been quite the buzz, and still going strong. It’s possibly the best way for organizations to engage their intended target audiences. Billions are being spent on this form of marketing and the integration of big data technology has made it even more desirable.

Marketers are constantly searching for ways to improve their social media marketing strategies. One of them is to implement big data analysis. It allows marketers to segment customer audiences more accurately, build more effective sales funnels, and create successful advertising campaigns.

How Beneficial is Big data for Social media marketing?

Marketers can significantly improve their social media marketing brand campaigns, and adverts in many ways using big data analysis. They are:

1. Microtargeting

It uses big data and machine learning algorithms, for companies to analyze social media audiences. It helps them segment audiences into small groups based on specific parameters – age, tastes, gender, etc. This targeting on small groups helps companies with direct customer advertising resulting in increased profits, lower advertising costs, and successful audience-specific social media marketing campaigns.

2. Enhanced Decision Making

Social media marketing personnel can identify the latest or current platform trends. This enables them to make informed business decisions on executing the right campaigns, discounts, etc. at the right time.

3. Real-Time Statistics

Big data analytics offer real-time performance tracking and monitoring of your social media marketing campaigns by utilizing various metrics. This approach is also beneficial in knowing about a campaign’s ROI changes, its development, timely decision-making for pausing campaigns, tweak ads, etc. The success rate of the current social media marketing campaigns can be estimated by marketers by comparing its statistics to the previous ones.

4. Data Protection

Big data deals with enormous amounts of personal user information across various social media platforms which is why it is integrated into artificial intelligence (AI) tech to offer unfailing security. It prevents data exposure to third parties using facial and voice recognition, check-in notifications, two-factor authentication, etc.

It’s on a revolutionary path to becoming even more dynamic with the integration of futuristic technologies such as AI and IoT. All this would grandly benefit social media marketing companies with the best results.

The Future of Social media marketing with Big data

Big data solutions have stepped up into the future through their integration with cutting-edge technologies like AI and IoT (Internet of Things). These technologies will make it even more precise and insightful helping several companies to raise their competitive edge in their respective niches.

Big data is used with AI and IoT in the following ways to enhance social media marketing:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI acts as big data technology’s analytical core where it gathers information on social media users, processes it, and systemizes it. Apart from this, AI can run almost human-like conversations with customers in social media to their data via. chatbots and virtual assistants. This facilitates effective social media communication with customers and considerably saves resources.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Big data in IoT is very much useful in personalizing ad campaigns with the data gathered from social media marketing campaigns. Certain IoT monitoring tools help with this data collection process such as virtual assistants on smart portable devices, RFID-based bands, NFT for marketing, and more.


The above reasons explain why big data technology is important to social media marketing companies. They use it for effective brand promotion, and to make campaigns more effective that will help them reach their desired audiences, and save on resources and spending. It’s on a revolutionary path to becoming even more dynamic with the integration of futuristic technologies such as AI and IoT. All this would grandly benefit social media marketing companies with the best results.

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