If You Travel to Los Angeles, You Must Visit The Best Restaurant

If You Travel to Los Angeles, You Must Visit The Best Restaurant

Travel to Los Angeles

Wherever one travels, one of the biggest expectations for every traveler is the delicious and authentic food of that place. And when it comes to the famous Los Angeles, it is an ideal place for foodies, where one can never be disappointed with the variety of cuisines. Considered to be the true culinary mecca, check out these best restaurants in Los Angeles that are a must-include in your itinerary.

1. Hot Dog on a Stick

For good reason, the corn dogs are fantastic. The original Hot Dog on a Stick has become a fixture along Santa Monica’s boardwalk. There are other types of wieners available, including turkey, veggie, and beef alternatives, all of which can be battered and fried to order. For a complete experience, serve that with some lemonade and funnel fries. An additional justification for travelling there? In October 2022, the storied restaurant, which has been open for 76 years, presented a new structure.

2. Hayato

The setting is intimate, the ceramics are handcrafted and imported from Japan, the staff is kind and diligent, and chef and restaurant owner Brandon Go has years of training in Japan under his belt, which contributes to his precision and expertise. There is something almost criminally modest about this dish; because of Hayato’s delicate flavours, Angelenos can overlook some of the city’s most exquisite cooking. We really hope not. They’d miss out on delicious dishes like steamed abalone with a rich liver sauce, delicate crab meatball soup, and the stunning donabe finale, where you may keep re-filling your bowl with seafood and rice that has just been cooked. With Hayato, Go has created something genuinely stunning.

3. Bestia

You must make reservations at Bestia in advance if you want to eat quality food. One of the top restaurants in Los Angeles, it offers inventive Italian fare that is prepared in a wood-burning oven. The spaghetti rustichella, Thai basil and onion seed, and Calabrian chilli are some of the standout dishes on the Bestia menu. You can also sample Italian wine from other countries, which gives your scrumptious dinner a lovely touch.

4. Aburiya Raku

The big brother of the Las Vegas location is wild, while this is the peaceful, thoughtful younger brother. The sushi is excellent, but the upscale Japanese eatery is known for its meats that are barbecued over binchotan charcoal. Always grab a couple skewers from the daily specials menu, and don’t forget to order the tofu that is prepared in-house, is so fresh that it nearly seems like it is floating in the air, and is seasoned with matcha.

5. Langer’s

Nothing makes you happier than watching an East Coaster’s face when you inform them that LA offers the best pastrami. Therefore, we’ll repeat it once more: LA has the best pastrami. You can find evidence at restaurants like Wexler’s, Brent’s, and Johnny’s, but Langer’s is where you can truly experience LA’s pastrami tradition. Since 1947, this Westlake institution has served up traditional deli fare, with the #19 being the star dish. Swiss cheese and Russian-style coleslaw are piled high on this enormous pastrami sandwich, which is sandwiched between two slices of soft rye bread. Every visitor should put eating this ideal sandwich on their to-do list.

6. Malibu Seafood

Be patient since the line at Malibu Seafood is just as renowned as the food. Golden-fried fish and chips, rich clam chowder, and other mouthwatering seafood standards are available at this small but formidable shack on Pacific Coast Highway. As it is also a market, think about purchasing fresh fish to prepare at home. Select an outdoor table or take it with you to the beach to enjoy.

7. Cassia

Looking for a decent place to grab a quick bite? If so, Cassia is the best option for you. You’ll undoubtedly get the impression that you’re in one of Los Angeles’ top eateries thanks to the crowd that has gathered at Cassia. This restaurant is renowned for making both residents and tourists feel at home with a variety of beverages and the Kaya Vietnamese French toast.

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