How To Directly Import Mails From Your Charter Email To Gmail?

How To Directly Import Mails From Your Charter Email To Gmail?

Directly Import Mails

Are you looking for a solution to move your Charter Emails to your Gmail account? If you are, then you have found the solution. This guide will provide you with the easiest and most useful solution to move your Charter emails to Gmail email applications.

Now, you will find various applications on the internet that will help you back up your Charter emails. Such apps will also let you move these emails to other Email service clients. One such app is BitRecover Email Backup Wizard. It will help you change your charter email account to a Gmail account, and you won’t lose any information.

Things you need to know about the Charter Communications

If you want to know about the United States of America’s biggest media transmission system provider, then it is Charter Communication Inc. Also, it is the second-biggest cable operator in the United States and active in more than 41 US states. Though, now the Charter Email works by the name of Spectrum Charter Communication.

But lately, there have been some complaints about the Charter mailing system. So now people want to move their Charter emails to Gmail mail services.

So first, we are going to tell you about the steps to move your Charter email to Gmail.

A brief about importing the Charter emails to Gmail

The following steps are not in detail, but you will find the detailed steps in the following section –

  • Firstly, you need to download your Charter email to the Gmail Conversion tool.
  • Also, Select the Charter email and type in its account details.
  • Then enable the desired Charter emails to move them to Gmail.
  • Next, Click on Gmail as the email saving option, and then enter its account credentials.
  • Now it will initiate importing process, and your Charter mails will move to your Gmail account. 

The detailed instructions with images for moving the Charter Emails to Gmail

Here we have provided the detailed step-by-step instructions with images to move the Charter Emails to your Gmail account –

  • First, download the Software required to move the Charter mails to your Gmail account on your Windows device.
  • Now, use the list of email sources to find the Charter Email option. Then use your login details to log in to the Charter email. Also, after entering the login details, hit the login button.
Charter Email
  • Then select the specific email that you want to move from your Charter account to your Gmail account. 
Charter Email services
  • Next, click on the Select Saving option, and select Gmail from the extended menu.
  • Now enter your Gmail account credentials in the respective column to log in to your Gmail account.
Charter Email login
  • Similarly, if you want to move your charter emails to the mail account of any other email client, then select that email client from the drop-down menu. And then enter the login details of the email account that you have selected.
Charter Email account
  • Then click on the Next or Backup button to move the Charter mails to your Gmail account.
Charter email & Gmail
  • Lastly, you will receive a completion message when the process is complete. Now hit the Ok button to end the process. 

Various benefits of using the tool to move the Charter mails

You will find numerous tools on the internet to easily move your Charter Emails to your Gmail account. And different tools offer different benefits to their users. But most of the benefits are common with all the tools. The following is the list of some tools –

  • They provide an easy and intuitive graphical user interface. So you won’t find any difficulty in accessing and operating these tools.
  • There are not a lot of steps in the process. So you can move your Charter emails to your Gmail or any other email client in batches.
  • Many tools also offer Use Batch Mode option. This feature can move emails from multiple Charter accounts to your Gmail or any other specified email client.
  • You will find almost all the email clients or saving options on these apps to move your Charter emails. Saving options such as PST, EML, MBOX, DOC. MSG, EMLX, PDF. And email clients such as Thunderbird, Exchange server, G Suite, Office 365, Gmail,, etc.
  • You can also use the Data Filter option to selectively import your Charter emails to your Gmail account.
  • These tools will also give you the option to select the desired destination location to save your output mails.
  • And lastly, most of the tools are compatible with all the windows versions and other operating systems.


We have provided all the vital information required to move the Charter Email to a Gmail account through this guide. You can also move your Charter emails to the email account of any other email client by using the tools that we have talked about in the previous section.

Lastly, we hope that this guide has been helpful to you.

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