How to Create a Winning Local SEO Strategy

How to Create a Winning Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO Strategy

As more businesses are going online, optimizing a website for the local audiences has become inevitable. With more than 80% of the audience searching for local services or products, performing local SEO can bring significant benefits to your business. 

Most people feel overwhelmed when it comes to the question — whether they need to optimize their website for local searches or not. However, the answer to it’s quite simple — If your website serves a specific geographical location, then you should opt for local SEO services

Some of the common examples of common businesses are hotels, restaurants, clinics, shops, art galleries, photo studios, and so on. If your business also falls in any of these businesses or similar categories, it’s important that you optimize your company’s website. 

Creating a local SEO strategy is not as complicated as most people think. If you are new to local SEO and wondering how to create a result-driven strategy, then we have you covered. In this article, we will have a look at easy steps to create a local SEO strategy that will let you take an edge in your industry. 

Prepare your business goals

To begin with, it’s important to know what services or products you want to rank on search engines and drive more traffic & sales to your company. You need to figure out what type of service or products can get you the maximum benefits. Once you complete this basic research, it’s time to define your local SEO goals. It might be generating more traffic, sales, or improving the overall brand presence. 

Based on your goals, plan the further local marketing strategy. By going this way, you can generate higher traction and get quick results. Based on your goals, use SEO tools to find relevant search terms that you will use to optimize your website. 

Conduct a website audit

It’s important that your website is free from any technical glitch and delivers the best user experience to all your visitors. As the search engines are progressing, it’s important that you focus on improving the overall website experience. 

To begin with, check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. You can use Google’s free tool to check this thing. The majority of the searches come from mobile devices, and you ensure that your website loads faster and runs seamlessly to serve your customers. Apart from this, also check for 404 pages, long redirects, meta tags, and other on-page factors. Once you audit and perform the needful changes, you will start noticing a significant boost in the organic results. 

Competitors keyword research 

To kickstart your local SEO research, conduct competitive keyword research to have an idea about what kind of keywords your potential customers are searching for. You can use any SEO tool to perform competitive keyword research. Along with searching for keywords, also check the content that is ranking for those keywords. 

It will help you especially if you are getting started with local SEO optimization. Once you gather all these details, then you can prepare a content strategy for how you can step ahead and create better content than them. Also, check for how many backlinks they have and on which domains they are creating these links. Considering these data, you can gain traction faster. 

On-page SEO

Once you complete the competitive keyword research, it’s time to focus on the technical aspects of your website and optimize your website for on-page SEO. This optimization includes meta tags creation, optimizing website speed, optimizing the website for mobile devices, content optimization, and more. 

As search engines are focusing more on offering the best user experience to viewers, it’s important to ensure your website is fast, responsive, and delivers the best quality content. On-page optimization also includes URL optimization in which all the URLs of the website are optimized with respective keywords. This thing makes it easier for search bots and users to understand the URL in a much better manner. If you are not sure from where to begin SEO, use an SEO tool to audit the website for on-page changes. 

Create localized landing pages

Landing pages can do wonders to gather more targeted customers to your website and do more sales. When a customer reaches the landing page while searching for a product or a service, the conversion rate improves drastically. It happens because customers can understand the product or services in a much better manner. 

Once you create the localized landing pages, you can also share them on social media pages to gain more traction from your audience. It’s among the best tactics to dominate in your industry and cut competition. 

Final thoughts

Creating a local SEO strategy for your business is easier with the above steps. Gain more customers’ footfalls and grow your business seamlessly. In 2021 and beyond, are more customers are coming online to shop, it’s the right time to get started.

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