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How To Choose An Ideal Chilliwack Moving Company in 5 Steps

How To Choose An Ideal Chilliwack Moving Company in 5 Steps

Chilliwack Moving Company

Choosing an ideal moving company Chilliwack can be hard work. Every month, the industry is known to register thousands of complaints about the movers. While there can be several reasons behind it, most complaints came from damaged or lost products, charging for unworked hours, late arrival, and exceeding the estimates.

The day you move is in itself stressing and nobody wants their favorite dinner set arrived broken or at worst, a last-minute rescheduling. To avoid any of this from happening, you can run some background checks. It might take some extra hours, however, considering that you are safely moved to your new place, the additional effort is worth it.

1. Check Reviews

You aren’t the first customer for your Chilliwack mover agency. Are you? There are high chances that your neighbor or one of their acquaintances was once served by the said agency. If not, you can run a check on the internet- the company’s social media handles where the agency has received genuine feedback and star ratings for their past services.

That will speak volumes about how you are going to be served.

2. Compare services:

Why spend 30 bucks when you are receiving the very same services at 20? But for that, you have to compare the prices from multiple service providers. Hiring a moving company is no different. Get a quote from Mover A, get details about all the services that are included and the ones that aren’t. Compare the quote with that of Mover B. 

You can raise the following questions during estimates:

  • Will the staff pack and unpack your luggage?
  • Will the staff load and unload your luggage?
  • Will the staff charge anything extra for the services or are these services included?
  • Do they guarantee safe moving?
  • Will they pay for the losses/damage during moving?

3. Verify license and insurance

Before you decide the right Chilliwack Mover for you, cross verify if your Chilliwack mover is truly licensed and if the vehicle is insured. If not, there are high chances that you might end up paying a huge fine. 

What you can do here is ask for a written agreement that includes:

  • Name of the mover company’s insurance provider and the policy number
  • Payment terms and who is responsible for the loss
  • Required license and documents to move your office/house

4. Red Flags Alert

Watch out for the red flags during the estimate. Reputable moving companies never ask for cash deposits in advance. If the moving company seems hungry for money, something is fishy in the business. 

Professional moving companies exactly know the steps and are often quick at sending estimates. If your company sends a delayed estimate or is unsure about the steps, start looking for another company. 

Furthermore, you need to check if the moving company uses a rented vehicle. A reputed mover will own every piece of equipment, including the truck.

5. Check with Better Business Bureau

You can check the moving company’s track record with BBB. The website is free to use and provides insights into the mover’s genuine ratings and business details. The review site offers the following details:

  • Official Business Address
  • Official website URL
  • The Working Hours
  • Business Contact Number
  • Rating and Accreditation by BBB
  • Customer reviews
  • Customer Complaints

You can email directly from BBB.

Bonus tip: Experience matters

It truly does. While hiring a Chilliwack moving company, pay special attention to the years of professional services. There must be agencies that have been moving offices and houses safely for decades. On the contrary, you will come across movers who have just started the business. Go for the experienced ones. They know the bottlenecks while moving and the safest workarounds.

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