How Job-Oriented Career Programs Help Youth Obtain the Best Career Opportunities!

How Job-Oriented Career Programs Help Youth Obtain the Best Career Opportunities!

Job-Oriented Career Programs

The world has changed. The days of a high school diploma and a job for life are gone. Today, individuals need to be more self-reliant than ever before. This is why many people have started to focus on education as their primary source of income skills development. Job-oriented career programs can help you obtain the best career opportunities because they offer various training options that will prepare you for the future workplace!

There are various career programs for youth that can help them find a job and improve their skills. These programs teach them what they need to know to be competitive in the workforce. They also allow participants to build their resumes, network with others, and increase their confidence by getting out of the house or school environment. Freshers must explore different careers before choosing one to decide which path is best for them. There are many kinds of job roles globally, and it is difficult to know which ones will be a good fit for you. This

is where job-oriented career programs come in. These programs help youth discover what kind of work they want to do and find suitable opportunities that correspond with their skillset.

Career Benefits of Enrolling into a Job-oriented Program?

Specialization: The job-oriented courses provide you with the skills you need to perform in the best way. Career-oriented training programs like HCL Career Training Program facilitates students to hone the technical skills required for Career Opportunities in HCL. Students add new skills to enhance their resumes making them a preferable candidate over other competitor.

Lower Total Cost: Students enjoy every cost-related benefit by pursuing these training programs. The students can follow and enroll themselves in courses without any overhead expenses.

Choice: Pursuing a course like HCL Career Training Program allows learners to choose from a wide variety of career paths that they can take up after completion of the system.

Flexibility: Working professionals who want to gain some job-oriented skillset can enroll themselves into the HCL Career Training Program due to the flexible schedule. 

Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in job-oriented training programs allows students to connect to people across the globe. Not only do they learn the importance of communication skills, but they also expand their network while learning. Working with people from different nations & fields allows students to build their network, which benefits them.

Grow with HCL Career Training Program:

The early Career program from HCL aims to give wings to students’ aspirations. This the integrated course is an exclusive job training program for freshers who have just completed 12th and seek full-time employment.

The candidates strictly undergo a 12-month on-job training program made for entry-level jobs in the IT sector. Once the trainees complete their training, they can seek full-time employment opportunities at HCL. The applicants get the dual benefits of continuing higher education while also taking up a job. 

Students receive a stipend during the course. After completion, they are free to enroll in a degree course at higher education institutions in India like BITS, Pilani, or SASTRA University. 

This work-integrated learning package fits all the needs of freshers who learn and adjust to the job market. The course is a strategic blend of a top-quality engineering job and allows students to pursue education from India’s best technical institutions.

Thecourse flows in three-phased formats where candidates are trained for various job roles at IT companies.

• Classroom Training: Intense classroom training followed by three months to six months of on-job training where candidates get work on live projects. 

• On Job Training: Candidates work on live projects.

• Higher Education: While working with HCL, Techbee scholars can enroll in courses like B.Sc, BCA, MCA, M.Tech, M.Sc at SASTRA University and BITS Pilani. 

The candidates must have cleared 12th board exams in 2020 & 2019. Selection is strictly made on a merit basis, after which they appear for an SAT Test, followed by a panel interview for final selection.

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