How B2B Pillar Pages are Important for Businesses & Way to Create Strategically

How B2B Pillar Pages are Important for Businesses & Way to Create Strategically

B2B Pillar Pages are Important

Being a B2B company, you must have your primary focus in the middle of the sales funnel.

And, rest of the concentration is on creating effective marketing strategies.

One more area to focus upon is creating compelling content to allow customers to learn more about your enterprise. Create quality content like creating pillar pages, allowing your targeted audience to know about your products/services of yours.

This one is crucial part of the service obtained from a reliable digital marketing company you hire. Moreover, better to understand the meaning and relevance of B2B pillar pages and its impact on the business.

So, to help you understand it better, we have come up with this blog, focusing on pillar pages and a well-defined strategy to create the same.

Without any further adieu, let’s get started on this.

First Know your Current Content Struggles

One of the biggest content struggles for B2B companies is to create compelling content to serve multiple objectives. Such companies look to create content that effectively ranks bring higher conversion and more queries.

Most of the time, they forget to create informative content that helps to meet customer’s queries and clarify doubts. Despite having a variety of e-books, lots of data, and business insights, the focus is on mid-funnel.

Instead of all this, B2B companies need to be more meaningful while creating industry-based content like pillar pages.

What are Pillar Pages?

Whether you call it spoke content or umbrella content, pillar pages content is the same. In simple words, it is the long-form of well-optimized and highly informative content on a broad range of topics.

The intent is to create a long-form of B2B content comprising of the following:

  • All the cluster pages of your website
  • Targeting long-tail and secondary keywords in the content
  • Answer all possible queries of customers
  • Linking back to the cluster pages
  • From pillar pages to outer cluster pages

In short, pillar pages are like conversational page content that you need to create to meet high standards of business.

Key Benefits of Pillars Pages

  • Navigational content allowing customers to read through several pages of your site.
  • Great for SEO and high ranking of the website.
  • Get easy Google ranking covering maximum keywords.
  • Internally linked with several pages.
  • All focused on one specific and original topic.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Effective B2B Pillar Pages

  1. Pick a Suitable Topic: First and foremost is to pick a relevant topic on which you can create a lengthy yet informative piece of content. The thing to keep in mind is the broad level of the picture while covering secondary keywords.

Also, keep in mind, the topic should not be too broad to handle. For example, writing a pillar page on the topic of SEO is something exceptionally lengthy. No matter, how vast you cover the topic; it would be difficult for a customer to consume it shortly.

  • Do Keyword Search: Thesecond piece of advice is obviously to plan your keywords including long-tail and secondary ones. Of course, digital marketing services in India offer you professional assistance in terms of broad-level keyword searches. But there is something you have to take care of and i.e. to find topic-related keywords targeting other pages as well.
  • Look at Existing Content: Now, two steps down, and 5 more to go. Next is to dig deep down into your list of already created blogs. There might be some information you have created earlier that can be reused. If there is something related to your pillar pages content, and then start repurposing the content.
  • Plan Your URL Structure: Next is URL building. Unlike other URLs that you include in the inner sections of the website. The pillar page has a broad level of usage and range. It needs to be included at the top of the navigation bar or feature on the resource section.
  • Start Writing Including Clusters: Start writing the hub piece of content by going in the direction like introduction, table of contents, and cluster pages. It is important to focus on cluster pages that should be deep, well-researched, and spend a lot of time putting together relevant information.
  • Measurement: Once created, you need to measure the performance of your B2B pillar pages. Make the best use of Google Analytics to check the landing report. Also, see, if you are getting organic traffic on your pillar pages.    You also need to see how many clicks on the CTAs inserted inside the page content.
  • Repeat: Created for once, and then continue doing the same activity for other relevant topics every now and then. The main idea is to get organic leads, traffic, and a higher set of conversions using pillar pages as your formula content.

Step beyond the conventional measures of digital marketing services and try new things out to get optimum results. Start adopting the revolutionary pillar page content creation for B2B companies to rank high and swiftly.

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