Here’s Why Face Scrub is An Important Part of Skincare

Here’s Why Face Scrub is An Important Part of Skincare

A typical skincare routine follows three simple steps – cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. But is that enough for your skin? Can you add an extra step every once in a while? What about a face scrub?

Face Scrub

When it comes to skincare regimens, most of us are usually stuck with the famous three-step system. And while this regimen is fine for regular skincare, it is essential to exfoliate your face to remove the dirt from your skin. 

Exfoliation is not just about cleaning the dirt, dust, and impurities from the skin pores. This simple method can help you get smooth, soft, and radiant skin. Let’s take a look at how: 

Five Awesome Reasons Face Scrub Is Important

  1. Eliminates All Impurities

Dead skin cells, dust, dirt, oil – name the impurities you think your skin pores carry and a good face scrub can clean them all. This is the basic job of a face scrub. It contains chemical and physical exfoliators that go deep into the skin pores to get rid of all such impurities. 

What more? Face scrub also works on dark spots. Exfoliation speeds up shedding dead skin cells and gives way to new and brighter skin cells. 

  1. Gives You Smooth & Glowing Skin 

Our facial skin is quite delicate, and that is why it is vulnerable to dryness and damage. Adding to the stress of dead skin cells, pollution and dirt also pile up. This leads to rough, uneven, and dull textures. Your skin also gets flaky when the dead skin cells stay stuck to the skin. In short, your skin turns into a barren land with no glow or softness left. 

Enter face exfoliation. It can ward off all these issues with just a simple face scrub and proper massage. With pores cleansed and no trace of dead skin cells, your skin’s texture becomes extremely soft and even. It even begins to glow. Some face scrubs like Mamaearth Ubtan Face Scrub can also help in removing suntan. So, if tanning is your trouble, you can try that. 

  1. Tackles Acne and Breakouts

If you have been dealing with hormonal breakouts or have acne-prone skin, exfoliation must be on your skincare list. Of course, everyone knows that the famous culprits behind your pimples and acne are clogged pores. 

Using face scrub can gently remove the top layer of dead cells that blog the skin pores. This also reduces the chances of blackheads and whiteheads; and thus preventing breakouts. Face scrub also lightens your acne scars and removes marks in the long run.

  1. Prevents Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is a problem we all face. And while most people believe, hair removal technique is to bear the blame, that’s not true. Your clogged skin pores also play a big role in ingrown hair. The trapped dirt in the skin causes the hair to grow sideways, giving you this frustrating trouble. 

Face scrubs helps in cleansing the skin pores and rids the hair follicles of dead skin cells. This also reduces the redness or any irritation that may happen due to the ingrown hair. 

  1. Improves Absorption of Skincare Products

This is another lesser-known reason why you should add a face scrub to your beauty closet. When your skin pores are clogged, skincare products find it difficult to seep in and work effectively. This is where exfoliation can do the trick. It will clean up the skin from any impurities and better absorb the skincare products. 

Moreover, exfoliation also improves makeup application. For instance, if you feel that your skin is dry and patchy and your foundation is not blending in, use a face scrub first. This will make your skin a clean and smooth canvas where you can blend in makeup and look fabulous instantly.  

The Takeaway

When we say that you should use face scrub on a regular basis, that does not mean you have to exfoliate your skin daily with natural skin care products. Experts suggest that you should use a face scrub at least twice a week. So, make sure you follow this tip and give your skin the much-needed cleansing!

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