Here’s What You Need To Know Before Buying ‘Used’ for Baby

Here’s What You Need To Know Before Buying ‘Used’ for Baby

Buying ‘Used’ for Baby

Buying used is as easy as buying new for your baby through apps, marketplaces, friends, family, etc. However, what is worth splurging on, and what is better to buy used?

In today’s world, shopping online can be done in just a few clicks. But buying used items for your baby might seem appealing and also may save a few bucks, but is this always a safe and sound choice? 

Here is a short list to help you with what you should and shouldn’t buy used!


Cribs are one of the more expensive items you’ll buy for your newborn, but for a reason. Several federal laws were passed in 2011 to ensure a higher standard of safety, but even if the advertised crib was made after 2011, it is usually best to purchase a new crib. Likewise, it’s not advisable for parents to purchase a used crib mattress, both from a sanitary point of view (bodily fluids, bed bugs, etc.) and for safety reasons as mattresses can degrade over time.

Car Seats

The materials used in car seats can wear out over time though these seats have an expiration date of six to eight years. Therefore, it is often suggested to purchase a new one. You may want to consider buying a new car seat instead of a used one, as a new seat could be a long-term investment. In addition, new advances in car seats are constantly being introduced in the market, which older models are unlikely to have. 

Just like clothes, your little one won’t be able to fit into the same shoes for very long as they grow! Second-hand shoes can be a great source of savings as long as they aren’t too worn out or cause any discomfort.



Besides the crib, you may also want to furnish the nursery with a dressing table, bookshelf, or rocking chair. Buying second-hand furniture can save you a lot of money, provided they are in good condition with no visible imperfections and dents. Further, you may also customize and create your artwork.


Like cribs, strollers can cost a lot of money. However, this is something else you might want to consider investing in. Due to the high number of stroller accidents, the federal government enacted new safety regulations. Make sure they are compliant with these regulations when considering used strollers.


As babies grow out of their clothes fairly quickly, keeping up with their growing bodies can be challenging on a budget. Buying used baby overalls not only saves money but also benefits the environment as you’re making use of clothes that have already been produced. Clothing that is reused does not have to be thrown away or recycled. As a result, it reduces energy and material consumption involved in making new clothing.


Just like clothes, toys can get expensive over time, and your child will likely outgrow them quickly. In many cases, plastic and wooden toys last for a long time and will only need to be sanitized or disinfected before being introduced to your bub. Moreover, it is impossible to predict what your child will like. They may not be excited by the newest technology despite its high price and may prefer classic toys instead.

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