Has COVID 19 Boosted The Use of Wearable Devices?

Has COVID 19 Boosted The Use of Wearable Devices?

 Wearable Devices

Many entrepreneurs got inclined towards developing health and fitness-related mobile applications after the pandemic took a toll on our lives. Integration of AI into traditional methods of healthcare advanced the overall mechanism, enhancing the experience for the people. 

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has increased the awareness for hygiene and physical fitness. Therefore, wearable tech devices are being emphasized to track and keep users updated about their health and illness, if any. 

Are you surprised about how it’s done?

Well, the basic idea of wearable trends isn’t brand new. It has been here for years; however, it gained popularity during the pandemic. Wearable technologies keep a constant check on human activities and behavior, along with other parameters. Most commonly measured data include heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, etc. These wearables consist of sensors, and all the data is collected via a smartphone. 

Undoubtedly, the traditional doctor-patient approach is significantly changing, and here’s when wearables come in handy. Therefore, if you want to know more, this article primarily focuses on the emphasis of wearables in healthcare and their accelerated use due to COVID-19. 

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Top Wearable Trends in Healthcare 

There’s no doubt that the availability of wearables has efficiently bridged the gap between patients and healthcare. Therefore, mentioned below are the top wearable trends in the healthcare domain:

1. Wide Range of Wearable Devices 

Smartwatches and trackers worn on the wrist are the most common examples of wearable devices. However, there are other range of devices, including Google glasses, that are worn like any other glasses to track an individual’s health. 

The tech world has the potential to expand its range of wearables, and it is one of the ongoing trends. Therefore, as per the predictions, there’ll be more wearables introduced in the future, which’ll include headsets, skin patches, and more.

2. Incorporation of VR, AR, and AI

Efficient technology is the one that keeps a check with the modern world. Currently, Artificial Intelligence, VR, and AR are gaining tremendous popularity, due to which integrating them with wearable devices is an exceptional idea. 

Once these technologies are integrated, they keep the potential to eliminate human intervention of any kind. 

3. Small Size Devices 

Do you know the reason behind people abandoning the use of wearables initially? 

It is because of their size! Notably, the ongoing trend is to reduce the size of these devices so that they can easily be carried out by people at all times. The primary objective is to turn the device as compact, lightweight, and affordable as possible. 

4. Prevention In-Advance

Traditionally, no one used to pay much attention to regular health check-ups until someone fell ill or caught a disease. However, now people are more aware of the same and make intelligent choices. 

By using wearable app technology, people can keep track of their health in advance and take preventive measures if any symptoms occur. 

Factors Driving the Demand for Wearable Devices 

Mentioned below are a few factors that are accelerating the demand for wearable devices:

  • Extreme fitness and health-related awareness
  • A convenient method of acquiring medical support
  • Enhancement in use of smartphones and tech
  • Integration of sensors into wearable devices

Boost in Wearable Devices Due to COVID-19?

Here comes the primary question of many people, if COVID-19 has boosted the use of wearable devices. 

After the pandemic started, medical researchers and wearable companies came together to find early symptoms of coronavirus. According to the experts, wearables are meant to measure heart rate and skin temperature, which are likely to arise when a body is fighting an infection. 

Wearables being the perfect health monitoring devices have been adopted by people to detect early signs of the infection and take precautions in advance. 

Wearables are the Future of the Healthcare Industry 

As per the industry experts, making wearables a part of our daily life can bring a significant positive change. Isn’t it amazing that now you’ll be able to track your health beforehand, rather than crowding in a clinic due to minor symptoms of the regular flu?

Do you know what would be awesome? Hooking up with the healthcare industry and working towards wearable app development. Not only will it be a great initiative, but an incredible monetization strategy. 


If yes, connect with the professionals to work more on this idea. 

Till then, stay tuned to this space for more tech-related information!

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