Hair Fall? Here Are Things You Should Reconsider

Hair Fall? Here Are Things You Should Reconsider

Hair Fall

Yes, we know that hair fall is one of the gravest issues that you can go through. Your hair represents who you are and depicts a significant part of your personality. This is why you tend to worry as soon as you start facing hair fall issues. We suggest you consider different methods that can help check and control the amount of hair loss you are facing. If you have already purchased a hair fall control oil and do not know why it is not working, you may be using the wrong product or following practices that might still harm your hair. Let us look at some key factors that can help keep your hair healthy and even help that hair fall control oil work. 

Hair Fall

Massage Your Hair With Oil

Your hair needs nourishment to retain health and growth. For that, you should massage your hair with a hair fall control oil. An effective way to choose a nourishing oil is to browse through the ingredients present. One such ingredient that you must give preference to is onion extract. Onion extract helps in the growth of the hair naturally and makes it stronger from the roots. When used in a hair fall control oil, it works like magic. Apart from this, you must always purchase an oil that is made of 100% natural ingredients and is dermatologically tested for safety. 

Avoid Using a Hair Dryer

Hairdryers are great when it comes to styling your wet hair and achieving the look you desire. However, did you know that using a hairdryer excessively can make your hair roots weaker? Yes, you read it right! If you are a person who cannot stay away from using a hairdryer, it is time to change your habits. After a hair wash, you should lightly dab your hair with a cotton towel. Remove the excess water from your hair, and then wait for your hair to air dry. You can even expose your hair to the natural sunlight if you desire the bouncy texture without using the blow-drying technique. 

Use a Wider Comb

Have you wondered why your hair falls every time you brush it? It is perhaps because you are not using the right comb. You should use a comb that has a wider tooth. This will help in removing the tangles easily and sweep down the length of your hair in an easier way. Try to brush your hair at least two or three times a day. This will help in improving blood circulation, which will eventually strengthen the hair. Even better to stimulate the scalp with a comb when you’ve applied a hair fall control oil.

Make Sure Your Medication is Right

Some of you might need to take certain medications for your well-being. Scientific research shows that medications that help in avoiding pregnancy, checking obesity, providing steroids, and more often end up raising side effects. One such side effect is hair fall. In such a case, you need to consult your physician and get the medications checked. If the side effect is severe, then your physician will either lower the dose or change the medication. Along with your modified or changed medication intake, you need to take care of your hair using a naturally effective hair fall control oil with natural ingredients for a speedy recovery of your hair density. 

Hair Fall

Well, these suggestions would help you to take care of your hair in a better way. Also, we are sure you are convinced that you need to use good hair fall control oil on a regular basis. If you do not already use such an oil, we would like to recommend you use the natural Onion Hair Oil from Mamaearth. This oil will help in nourishing your hair and reduce hair fall efficiently. This hair fall control oil is enriched with natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Now make all your long and strong hair dreams come true.  

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