Guide On How To Relocate From Dubai To Canada

Guide On How To Relocate From Dubai To Canada

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Did you know that Canada is famous for being the friendliest country in the entire world? Their people are the most humble. Let us guide you to start preparing for your Canadian immigration from Dubai soon. 

Canada accepts over 300,000 immigrants from all over the world. Moreover, the Canadian Government is set to accept more than a million immigrants till the year 2023. In spite of the current pandemic situation, Canada is still the first to accept immigrants from all over the world. They provide numerous advantages for immigrants, students as well as skilled workers. With its diverse culture all around, you and your family get to live in a safe and secure environment. As Canada is surrounded by natural resources, it is really enjoyable to have a life outdoors. It offers you a lot of options in which you can apply to your PR status with quite an ease. 

Let us understand the reason for which you should get your Canada PR from Dubai.

Why Canada immigration from Abu Dhabi?

When moving from one country to another, there are some points that you need to consider. First of all, you need to get a Canada PR Consultant in Dubai. You should know that the country to which you wish to move should be a place where you feel safe to take your family. Canada being the warmest and the friendliest of all, this point gets satisfied. As Canada provides you with excellent healthcare facilities, it looks after your and your family’s overall wellbeing. 

If you are a student or even a working professional, with the help of the best Consultancy in Dubai for Canada, you can get a clearer view of all the benefits that you can get. Canada has the world’s top Universities that provides finest of the education. The colleges here have numerous courses to offer for everyone. With these degrees in your specializations, you can easily get work opportunities via campus selections or otherwise too. Canada requires skilled people to add to their organizations. Many of the Canadian companies constantly hire. All you need to do is keep a lookout on In-demand Occupation List.


Every country has their own eligibility criteria for immigrants. In this case, Canada is pretty lenient towards its immigrants. They accept them with open arms. The best Immigration Consultants in Dubai for Canada can vouch for this. In order to clear the eligibility criteria for Canada, you need to clear the following list –

  1. A minimum of 67 points to apply for the Express Entry program.
  2. Be good at English language or French Language.
  3. A full-time work experience for at least 2 years under –
  • Skill Type 0 – For Managerial Occupations
  • Skill Type A – For Professional Occupations
  • Skill Type B – For Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades
  1. Sufficient liquid money in order to support your immigration process.
  2. Health and character certificates from trained professionals.
  3. An assessment of your Educational background. 

Options on how to apply:

As Canada is the country famous for welcoming immigrants all over the world with a friendly face, their Government provides you with many options on applying for your Canada PR from Dubai. There are 3 main methods by which you can get your immigration application processed. They are explained as follows –

Express Entry Program: 

Are you a working individual from Abu Dhabi, looking to relocate to Canada? You can easily get your Canada work permit from Abu Dhabi with the Express Entry Program. In 2015, this program was created to make it less complicated for skilled individuals who wish to settle and work in Canada. It is exclusively for the individuals who fall under Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), and Canadian Experience Class. The process through this program is quite simple; you just fill your online profile called, Expression of Interest (EOI) and submit it. As your application appears in Express Entry Pool, you are assessed through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Provincial Nominee Program:

There are 13 provinces and territories around Canada. Some rules vary from that of Canada. The skilled workers who are looking to settle and work in any of these provinces and territories should apply for their Canada immigration from Dubai via Provincial Nominee Program. There is an exception to the Northern Canada territory of Nunavut and Quebec. As Canada lacks the necessary skills, Canadian companies have a high demand for immigrant talent and workers. They are on a continuous search for new employees. There is an In-demand Occupation List that enlists various job roles are to be filled. If your job title appears on the list, you are given the first preference to apply via this program. 

Family Sponsorship Program:

Did you know that if any of you relatives are already settled in Canada, they can easily sponsor you in order to get your Canada PR from Dubai? There is a specific list of relatives who are eligible to be sponsored – Parents, Dependent children, Grandparents, Spouse, Common Law partner, Conjugal partner, nephews or nieces, Brothers or sisters, your orphan granddaughters or grandsons who are under the age of 18 years. For the sponsorship to go successful there are a few rules that your sponsor needs to follow. Your sponsor needs to provide you with full financial support until you get your PR status. You need to get in touch with a Canada PR Consultant in Dubai as they can shed some more light on this. 

Bottom line:

Canada provides you with other options like The Working Holiday Visa and International Experience Canada Visa (IEC) in order to do your Canada immigration from Dubai. These are the great pathways for you to get an authentic Canadian experience and explore the country along the way. However, in order to choose the perfect program for you, you need expert help from the best Immigration Consultants in Dubai for Canada. Their experience will guide you to relocate effortlessly and with plenty of benefits. 

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