Google Home App Is Set To Replace The Google Wifi App Completely

Google Home App Is Set To Replace The Google Wifi App Completely

Google Wifi App Completely

Yes! Google is getting rid of its old network-controlling platform Google wifi app. It is set to happen by the end of 2021. Google has already moved the controls for the Google wifi application to the Google Home app to facilitate managing all of your connected devices in one place. So, if you haven’t migrated your Google wifi and on-hub devices to the Google Home app, it’s time. All the support facilities have ended for the Google wifi application in 2021. In this guide, we’ll try to cover the answer to the most frequently asked queries related to this replacement-

1. How to migrate the Google wifi and on-hub networks to the Google Home app? 

To migrate the network, you first need to download the Google Home app. The app is available in almost every major app store. So, please first download the app on your device and then follow these instructions to migrate the network- 

  • Firstly, open the Google Home app. Then login to the app using your Google account.
  • Now, click on the Add device or service and then select the Import Google Wifi network
  • Then tap on the Next button and choose a home for your network. 
  • Again tap on the Next and confirm your Wi-Fi network and tap Next.  
  • Lastly, follow the app instructions and finish adding your network. 

Note –

To migrate multiple Wi-Fi networks, you need to repeat the same process from start to end. But know that the Google Home app only supports one network per home. So, if you want to add multiple networks, you need to create a different home for each. You can follow these given instructions to create the new home for every network- 

  • Open the Google Home app, and at the top, tap on the Add button. 
  • Then, tap on the Create a new home
  • After that, please follow the on-screen instructions to create a new home. 

Also, remember that you can add only five homes to the Google Home app. If you want to add more than five homes, you have to use more than one Google account with the Google Home app.

2. What new features Google Home app has to offer you? 

To enhance your experience, Google has provided some new features with the Google Home app to fit in with the new technology trends. These are the features that you will get with the app- 

  • Set video conferencing as your preferred activity– You can set video conferencing as your preferred activity so that you can attend your meetings without any interruption.   
  • Get network Insights-  This feature will help you to identify and then troubleshoot the issues in your Google Wifi network. 
  • Notifications about the new device on the network– With this feature, you will get a notification whenever a new device joins the network. This feature will help you to stay up to date and improve the security of your Google Wifi network. 
  • Google Assistant voice support– This feature enables you to control your Google Wifi network over voice commands. For example, you can check the internet speed, pause the internet, check the guest network with voice commands. 

3. What are the features different in the Google Home app? 

  • You need to add others as your home members if you want to give access to them for your Google wifi network. Also, one thing to keep in mind, every member you add to the home member list will have the same amount of control at the Google wifi network as you do. 
  • With the Google Home app, you can also set up a Nest Speaker or display to allow your guest to use some of the features in the network, like turning on/off the lights. 

4. When will the Google Wifi app shut down? 

Google is planning to shut it down by the end of 2021. In August, it was removed from all the app stores. So now, you can only use it to factory reset your wifi devices. Also, all of Google has closed the support for the Google Wifi application. So, if you have it on your device, you’ll no longer be receiving any of the updates for the app. 

Lastly, we want to let you know some troubleshooting steps if you face any issues while migrating to the Google Home app. 

5. Troubleshooting the issues with the Google Home app- 

  • First, check that your device connects to the wifi network properly. 
  • Also, make sure that you log in to the app using your valid Google account. 
  • Check your device’s compatibility with the Google Home app. 
  • Shut down your device, wait for some time. Then again, try to migrate the network. 
  • Also, check all your network devices are turned in before you begin the migration. 

6. Important- 

  1. Please keep in mind that migrating is not reversible. 
  2. The Google account you use to migrate must be the owner of the Google Wifi application and a home member on the Google Home app.
  3. Google home app only supports one wifi network per home, and five home’s for one Google account. So, if you need to add more than five networks, use another Google account. 
  4. You can’t combine the Nest wifi devices with the OnHub devices after the migration. However, Google Home supports combined OnHub and Google Wifi networks and OnHub- only networks.  

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