7 Facts You Should Know about Spring Washer and Shim Washers

7 Facts You Should Know about Spring Washer and Shim Washers

spring washers and shim

What Is A Washer?

A Washer is a flattened, disc-shaped piece of metal with a hole in the middle. It is used in conjunction with threaded fasteners and does a lot to keep things intact and functional. You may be wondering how this tiny piece of hardware serves such a big purpose. 

Let us help you understand.

The washers are placed between the fasteners and the mating surfaces to keep them intact. They serve their purpose by evenly distributing the load of threaded fasteners and eliminate their digging in the surface on which they are used. By applying washers with the fasteners, you can ensure the safe working of different applications, no matter if they are industrial or residential. 

Different types of washers

You can find a range of washers in the market, meeting the different purposes of customers. Out of the entire pool of washers, there are two washers that have made a renowned place in the market, and they are Spring Washers and Shim Washers. 

Spring Washers

Spring washers are known for their axial flexibility and help to prevent the loosening or fastening of nuts & bolts due to vibrations. They do this by preventing the unscrewing rotation of the fasteners and locking them in place.

The washers are used in a range of machinery and keep the parts intact when the machines perform at high speed. They are also known for maintaining the safety standards and industries, owing to which are in great demand.

Facts about Spring washers:

  1. As the name says, the washers work like the compression springs work. They are best for applications that require a small amount of motion. The washers are preferred for their ability to handle high stress that other washers fail to do.
  2. Their performance depends on the ratio of the height to the thickness.
  3. They produce nonlinear load, or what we call in simple language is the deflection type of curve. This helps them to keep the noise low when the machines are working at a greater speed.
  4. The washers can also be used as cushion parts or spacers between parts to ensure their swift working.
  5. Owing to their curved design, the washers are perfect for shock absorption as well as for specific deflection requirements.
  6. They are specifically designed to provide a compensating spring force and absorb shock, which they do very well. Additionally, they are a good-to-go option for an infrequent varying load application.
  7. When used in assemblies, the washers apply a certain amount of force on adjacent members. Therefore, they are fabricated in a way that helps them meet a close load, deflection, and size tolerances.

Shim Washers

Shim Washers, or what most people call shims, are thin washers designed to place under the screw’s head for creating a precise space in a range of applications. These washers remove the excess space between two parts so that they can move in the required motion. 

By filling the extra space or gaps between parts, they boost support and aid in maintaining consistent temperature and pressure.

Facts about Shim Washers:

  1. Act as compensators and absorb tolerances between mating components.
  2. When you use a shim washer to fill up the gap or excess space between two components, they reduce tolerances requirements, leading to less wear & tear and lower machining costs.
  3. They also dampen the vibrations and noise made by machinery when they perform at a higher speed. 
  4. The shim washers are generally used to preserve the space between mating components to achieve a proper fit, save assembly time, and boost production.
  5. They also distribute the load of threaded fasteners like nuts and bolts.
  6. Available in various sizes, and some manufacturers even customize these washers in your preferred sizes.
  7. The washers possess excellent durability and can be purchased in the different materials that work best in extreme environments.

Wrapping Up

Washers are essential hardware that helps residential, commercial, and industrial sectors carry out different applications with efficacy. If you are looking for washers that act as spacers between fasteners or distribute their load evenly, you consider either a shim washer or spring washer. Both washers can help you carry your processes with ease and without demanding a replacement for years.

We hope that the article helped you know some facts about washers and how you can use them to bring efficiency to your industrial application and ensure safety in your industrial environment.

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