Everything you need to know about Botox

Everything you need to know about Botox


Are you someone struggling with the signs of aging? Looking for a Botox Treatment in New Jersey? Wrinkles and Fine lines are adding to your everyday stress. Why do you need to bear with fine lines when there is a safe way to live wrinkle-free? You are in the right place if you are someone who wants to look and feel younger. Botox has its share of conspiracy theories revolving around it, but don’t you want to know everything about it before you make a decision? Read till the end to gain complete knowledge about botox treatments. An informed customer can help create better results.

What is a Botox?

Botox, an injectable wrinkle muscle relaxer, can work wonders for wrinkled skin. Botulinum toxin type A, particularly OnabotulinumtoxinA, momentarily paralyzes muscle. This injection blocks nerve impulses on facial muscles and hence reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is also a minimally invasive treatment. A safe, effective way to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles that are common signs of aging. Botox was approved by FDA in 2002 for cosmetic treatments, and it was eagerly used for frown lines among the eyebrows. But it was not until 2013 botox was approved by the FDA to treat the fine lines around the eyes, also known as crow’s feet. Botox is a non-surgical treatment. It gives excellent results with minimal preparation. It is advised that you share your medical histories like allergies or medical conditions way before your procedure begins. It is also essential that you choose a good clinic with trained experts.

Which part of the Face is Suitable for Botox?

Botox Injection Treatment can be used in nearly every section of the face. 

  • the area connecting the eyebrows, to treat mild to significant frown lines
  • around the eyes, usually identified as crow’s feet

What are the problems that you can get rid of using a Botox?

1. Eyebrow lift

A small volume of botox is injected in the outer ⅔ of the eyebrow just below this reduces the circular eye closing muscle leading to a 1-2 mm rise. This elevates the outer ⅓ of the eyebrow shaping a high arched and uplifted look.

2. Lip-Flip

The distinctness of the lip can be enhanced with eversion of the lips by weakening the circular muscle around the lips. It is great to have visibly fuller lips as it is the most striking feature of your face.

3. Gummy smile treatment

Seldom the undesired display of the gums occurs with a smile and increases self-consciousness. Botulinum toxin is supplied to the side of the nostrils to decrease this lip pull. A confident smile makes you instantly more attractive.

4. Sad smile

An inverted U like lip appearance and accentuating the Marionette line due to prolonged activity of the DOA muscle which, can be adjusted with a small quantity of the botox given around the corners of the mouth.

5. Square jaw & Dimpled irregular chin

The soft lower jaws make the face look elongated and thinner. A liquid facelift also referred to as a Y lift. This method can also help in pain and spasm associated with TMJ.

6. Skin tightening and shrinking pores

This lasts longer than all the above-mentioned effects, around 6-9 months. This procedure can be combined with many other cosmetic treatments, including fillers and radiofrequency treatment

What are your expectations for Botox?

It’s essential to understand potential changes and have practical expectations. Notable outcomes can be anticipated a few days post-treatment. The complete effect of Botox Cosmetic might last up to four months. It not only treats but also helps prevent the return of fine lines by relaxing the muscles.

  • Less to no downtime
  • Not a permanent procedure
  • Almost painless
  • It is also Preventive.

Forever Medspa is the best Botox clinic in New Jersey. They carefully access the clients before the procedure. Consultation sessions are arranged to educate and inform the customer about the procedure and precaution that is to be followed. They know every client is unique and take personalized care. They have a team of professionally well-trained experts who performs the procedure on their clients. Call them to schedule an appointment.

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