Delicious Nikah Cakes for a Wonderful Wedding Celebration

Delicious Nikah Cakes for a Wonderful Wedding Celebration

 Nikah Cakes

Nikah Cakes

Nikah cakes are a must have for any wedding celebration. They can be bought in a selection of sizes and flavours from confectioners across the UK. You can choose from traditional Arabic or Asian cakes, plain or with a rich ceremonial filling. A wedding cake should be eye catching, easy to eat and beautifully decorated. That’s why the UK is home to one of the biggest confectionaries of the world – Chocolates London.

Wedding Cake

Chocolates London sells the world’s largest selection of confectioneries. It is located at the famous Mayfair shopping district. Chocolates London has an excellent range of flavours for every type of party, including traditional, modern and themed weddings. The variety of cakes include German chocolate and Swarovski Crystal, along with some unique confections such as the ‘Gemaco’ style cake. When buying your wedding cake, it is important to choose the best for the special day. A good confectioner will know exactly what you want.

Traditional Talmud Cake

At Chocolates London, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of traditional as well as modern cakes. Depending on the theme of your party, you can choose a suitable confectioner. For example, if you are having a Jewish wedding in London, you can go for the traditional Talmud cake, which will certainly have all the Jewish people in a festive mood. If you are having a fun-filled Asian themed wedding party, then you can find the ideal choice of fruitcake and chocolate truffles.

Having a Food Extravaganza?

If you’re in London, why not consider having a food extravaganza? If you are throwing a birthday party for someone close to you, then food can be the most important thing at the celebration. The food can make or break the event. The range of food that can be served at a London function is extensive. From sandwiches to platters with fresh vegetables and meat, the possibilities are endless.


A great choice for a family celebration in London would be a cheesecake. With its simple ingredients and no cooking involved, this is the perfect food for young children, as well as old ones. Another good choice would be Japanese sushi. Sushi is also a great alternative for family meals. It is easy to cook and the flavours go with the rice.

Traditional Jewish Cake

A traditional Jewish cake can also be served at a family gathering. Like the Japanese sushi, it is easy to cook and is also easy to prepare for a Shavuot party. The cakes usually come as two separate pieces. One is red and one is white. The white cake has many different toppings, which is easy to enhance the flavour of the red cake.

Delicious Cakes

The cakes don’t just stop at the Shavuot. It is believed in the Jewish tradition that they should be eaten before the Seder (Pesach). And what a great time to eat these delicious cakes! As you sit down to eat your Seder, think of all the memories that you have with your parents. They may have taken you to your grandparents home for dinner when you were little, or perhaps you had a sleep over at their place.

And don’t forget about grandparents too. If you have someone special in your life, this would be a great way to remember them on their big day. A traditional Jewish cake can also be great for your Shavuot morning. Delicious, colourful and full of meaning, a traditional Jewish cake makes a great addition to any celebrations.

Box Shaped Cake 

But not all of the cakes are square. In fact, there are a lot of interesting shapes available these days. There’s the pyramid cake – which looks like it was sculpted out of fondant. There’s also the Bar Mitzvah cake, which looks just like the traditional chocolate bar. There are square and rectangular cakes and also more unique designs. A box shaped cake could be filled with treats such as Jordan almonds or dates.

Type of Cake 

The type of cake you make also depends on the age of the partygoers. If it’s an older party, for example, the cake might be more elaborate. For young ones, a simple plain cake will do. Make sure that the guests don’t feel left out. Even the most simple decorations can make a difference. Some people might like a fruit cake with jelly beans or other delicacies.

Cake Look as Good 

That’s why you don’t have to limit yourself to one or two types. You can really let your imagination go. The important thing is to make the cake look as good as possible, so the memories of the event will be able to be experienced at home. After all, a cake is a great way to send your guests home with a smile on their face. That’s why you need to make it as fun and delicious as possible!

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