3 Reasons Why Luxury Brands Use Custom Printed Rigid Box Packaging

3 Reasons Why Luxury Brands Use Custom Printed Rigid Box Packaging

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What comes to mind when you think of luxury products? Certainly, you’d think of top-notch quality items, manufactured in great details around every nook and corner, with enhanced features that are hard to find in the local products on the market. You’d imagine the product to be wrapped in the finest paper and packed in the most elegant custom-made rigid box packaging

It’s no surprise that many luxury giants use rigid box packaging; the qualities it possesses are like no other. 

When it comes to really wowing your customers with your product, the packaging plays an integral role in the process. Besides being used for delicate items such as cosmetics, perfumes, technological gadgets, and much more, rigid box packaging does a lot to add a flair of panache to the products that it encases. According to market research, people are much more likely to spend money on items presented in rigid boxes as compared to other types of packaging. Today, let’s explore why rigid packaging is adored both by luxury brands and shoppers alike.

1. Tempting Look

When a customer purchases a product, the first thing they get to see is the packaging. Luxury brands know that their clients shop from them not only for their products but also for the shopping and unboxing experience. To make this experience memorable, these brands use custom-printed rigid boxes. The tailor-made nature of rigid boxes allows brands to recreate creatively through packaging, what they are all about as a brand. They can experiment with different materials, colors, and finishes and let their imagination loose. 

The resulting enchanting look of rigid boxes tempts the shoppers to make a purchase, which in turn increases the turnover for the brand.Rigid packaging is also used inside luxury stores to display products. This may be accompanied by other features like inserts to intensify the appeal of the product. Such pleasing displays further entice the shopper to make a purchase.

2. Promise of Quality 

Rigid packaging appeals both to the senses and also feels great to the touch. When a customer first gets their hands on the box, the smooth texture creates a feeling of excitement. This bond further engages the client emotionally with the item. Due to this connection, the customer is more likely to buy the product and later come back for more. The impeccable quality of custom rigid boxes also lets the shopper know that they’re going to get their money’s worth.

3. Structurally Sound

Rigid box packaging, amongst other things, is also of strong and sturdy nature. It is the quality of rigid box that it does not collapse easily under a certain amount of pressure. The hard exterior of the box also prevents its contents from receiving any damage during shipment. In addition to this, the unique shape and design of rigid boxes are unimaginable. For a luxury brand, this ensures that all customers, whether they order in-store or online, get the same pleasant experience.

Importance of trustworthy suppliers

The key secret to getting the best rigid boxes on the market is to have a trustworthy and efficient supplier. Everything from the designing of the boxes, to printing the wrapping and shipping these to the brand’s warehouse are considerable. A great supplier provides the business with an amazing product while also giving unmatched customer support and service. 

Packaging Republic has all of the strengths of such a supplier; they are efficient in their processes performing regular quality control checks, provide free of charge fast shipping all over the U.S, and free design support to all their customers. They are the ultimate all-in-one designing, printing, and packaging company to satisfy any brand’s packaging needs.

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