Chatbots And Covid-19: Automation in Times of Crisis

Chatbots And Covid-19: Automation in Times of Crisis


We know that automation is the best way to handle the workload of your business. It is always helpful for every industry. This year we all face pandemics all over the world. Now the chatbots play a vital role in handling the customer care services of all sectors. Most of the people work from home or someplace they can reduce the employees in their office. Many industry sectors are worried about how to handle customer queries. Chatbots are helpful at this time. Many industries, like the travel industry or hospitality, and e-commerce sites, can start using chatbots. Most of the time, people ask about the status of their flights. Many countries cancel their flights, so they are excited about their flights and tickets. The most reputed travel agency started using chatbots at this time.

Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) features that can chat like humans. In this pandemic time, Google becomes the first to start using AI chatbots. Now the most leading companies start using artificial intelligence to manage all their customers properly. Chatbots works as a virtual assistant and provides all queries to their customers. Every industry now uses the chatbot because they know it is a more helpful way to handle all situations. Initially, few industries were using chatbots, but now, most enterprises use this to manage all the finances and other issues. Due to the pandemic, most businesses had gone into a loss. With the help of artificial intelligence, they can manage their business and finances. It works like humans, so companies need fewer employees to hire.

Attractive Points of Chatbots 


Chatbots follow a set of algorithms to prepare the questions. Its algorithms are stored in its memory. It remembers the user and when it can revisit queries. It intelligently answers your questions, like your travel history or cancels flights. You can see that it works smartly, and all users are satisfied with their answers. For instance, customers get worried about their tickets, flights, covid related information, and so on. They face stressful situations and don’t get the solution on time as it takes a longer time to answer a simple query. Chatbots can resolve such problems. Now, they can get all the information on time. If they need any information for the COVID-19, they can quickly get it.


Chatbots are always known for their ability to chat because they have interpersonal skills. Customers can ask the questions in their own words, and in return, chatbots smartly answer their queries. It can deliver intelligent and intelligent experiences. Chatbots using the Natural Language Process, or NLP algorithm, can reply according to the user query. They also check what is the most urgent question and respond accordingly. If food delivery companies use this artificial intelligence technology, customers can quickly answer their queries. Some chatbots also speak.

Aware of the problem:

A chatbot is knowledgeable about the user’s emotions. In this COVID-19 times, many people use chatbots to get information about the novel coronavirus symptoms. Many of them ask about the symptoms, their test, the test centers, or where they can admit the COVID patients. Chatbots can quickly respond to the chat of every user. Chatbots are also aware of the user’s emotions. If the user can ask them a query urgently, they reply to them in that way. Using artificial intelligence is a better way to tackle problems like COVID-19. They can intelligently handle all types of queries.

Different roles:

The company can use the chatbot for various functions. For example, in the hospital, chatbots help to give the answers to the patients. You can classify it according to its role in that particular business. It works as intelligent agents according to their queries. For example, if you ask about the travel-related questions or delivery related to E-commerce sites, they will answer according to them. Chatbots can resolve problems quickly and satisfy customers.

Using In the workforce:

During the pandemic, most companies allow their employees to work from home. However, they are facing challenges in handling their workforce. So, several companies tend to use chatbots to solve their employees’ queries regarding salary and leaves. Now the chatbot answers query like salary, leave, and other job-related problems. It can be helpful for the company to answer all questions adequately and build trust among employees in such challenging times. It raises the productivity of employees as well as gives more attention to their work. 


Businesses are always concerned about their sales. They take the help of artificial intelligence in the shape of chatbots. Suppose you need the actual data on your brand’s sales and get in the perfect ways. Every business needs to collect the data for their sales. Chatbots are very helpful to manage all sales data and check & improve business techniques. It can provide all information according to their niche.

Chatbot Softwares:

There are many new chatbot software introduced in the market. You can see different artificial intelligence technologies for the various sectors like Microsoft Azure, Cobot -19, Bold360, Quiq, and many more chatbot software. Quiq is the business SMS messaging tool to provide all information about your business. Large companies like Microsoft and many other health care sectors use this artificial intelligence chatbot. These chatbots can speak, learn, and understand all scenarios.

In this COVID-19 time, the most valuable artificial intelligence is chatbots. Many famous companies develop chatbots according to their need. It can help every type of user. It can help to reduce the stress of every user. Everyone faced several problems in this pandemic time, and this is where chatbots help every person know their queries and feel relaxed. Chatbots are the game-changer in this pandemic. Every person knows about chatbots all over the world and uses them according to their needs. Companies can select chatbots according to their demand and solve their query handling problems. It is convenient to use AI because it is also budget-friendly.

This article is contributed by Kritika Gupta. She loves to travel and read novels. Currently, she is employed with Webomaze Technologies – a top-rated web design company in India.

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