Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs

Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs

Business ideas under 10 lakhs

Intending to be a winning entrepreneur is about having unique ideas and how you do it the way no one has yet. There’s no end to ideas, but you have to find the right one, select your business name and proceed with company registration as soon as you find one. Check out these incredible business ideas under 10 lakhs investment that can turn out profitable for you.

And in the field of business, you always have to stay updated and active. While calculating all the ups and downs in this domain.

Firstly, you do not need plenty of funds or a physical commodity to start a business.

Secondly, the growing support granted to start-ups from various investors, crowdfunding and venture financiers has made it simpler to start a new business.

Many of them started with a small amount of money, even less than 10 lakhs. But some succeeded while some did not. However, doing things the right way can help you create a different story from the others.

Here are 4 Successful Business Ideas under 10 Lakhs investment in India:

Gadget Store

Investment: 8-9 lakhs

Today there is hardly anyone or any place without phones or laptops. Also, headphones, speakers, home theatre systems, gaming gadgets, VR systems, fitness trackers, cameras are essential these days.

A store with a good variety and expert staff can easily find its spot in the market. Moreover, the demand is constantly increasing for electronic devices.

TIP: Start a servicing and repair centre alongside. Also, services like free home delivery and on-request gifting benefits will increase customer loyalty.


Investment: 3-5 lakhs

Be it any occasion in India the food has to be good because bad food can destroy the grandest of events. You can start a small production with rented equipment.

It will keep the investments low. Also, you will have enough returns to grow your business slowly.

Most importantly, provide a great experience to your customers while keeping your operational costs less.

Holiday Planner

Investment: 3-5 lakhs

People today are willing to spend huge on travelling, resulting in the growth of the travel business. Being a holiday planner, all you have to do is inquire, research, plan and book a trip according to the need of your customer’s.

Doing some precise research helps you in planning amazing trips for your customer.

Initially, start from home, operating through the phone and customising a tour plan.

After that, you can plan trips for school students, colleges, and offices. Moreover, it will help you to get better deals and increase your profits.

Fitness Centre/ Gym

It is important to be in good health and fit, along with a great physique. Moreover, people are ready to pay a good amount of money at gyms these days. Therefore, starting a fitness centre is a practical idea with high guaranteed returns.

A health centre must have machines for weightlifting and cardio with good trainers to supervise the customers daily.

Above all, it is beneficial to advertise your business through flyers and posters. You can also put-up discounts, workshops and diet discussions to attract more people.

Some of the other business ideas under 10 lakhs that you can look on to are:

  • Dog Breeding
  • Cleaning Business
  • Grow exquisite vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs.
  • Online thrift store
  • Drop shipping
  • Home Maintenance Business
  • Music and Dance Academy etc.

In conclusion, starting a business is easy but coming up with new ideas and innovation to keep your business growing is a bit of a task. Therefore, if you need the right assistance, contact our experts at

We always keep in mind to provide all the latest business ideas that are relevant and helpful for you.

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