Benefits To Deploy a Dedicated and Remote Flutter Development Team

Benefits To Deploy a Dedicated and Remote Flutter Development Team

Remote Flutter Development Team

In this post, we will discuss the responsibilities of the remote flutter development team, how a dedicated flutter team works, the benefits of deploying a dedicated flutter team, and actionable strategies to opt for when hiring one for your business.

Flutter Developers Remote Team Responsibility 

Flutter is amongst the most commonly used framework to design apps (mobile and web). Usually, it involves many developers to get a Flutter app ready, keeping in mind the modern development paradigms. Hence, when finding your suitable development team, make sure the developers possess these essential skills:

  1. Possess basic knowledge and understanding of agile development
  2. Ability to write well-documented and concise code 
  3. Know how to optimize the client-facing software 
  4. Understand and follow the company’s guidelines 
  5. Possess basic social skills 
  6. Maintain the existing codebases
  7. Build reusable code and libraries for the future purpose 
  8. Integration of data storage solutions 
  9. Collaborate with designers, project managers, and quality assurance, and other developers.
  10. Optimize the app for the highest speed and scalability 
  11. Participate in software development, architecture, design discussion, and code reviews
  12. Integrate numerous APIs from third parties
  13. Complete knowledge of SQL

Also, with the latest Flutter 2.0 Update, there are quite new enhancements in this app development.

Essential Skills of a Flutter Developer

There is a complete list of essential skills that your remote and dedicated developers must possess, which are as follows:

  • Knowledge and experience of Flutter 
  • Experience in iOS and Android development 
  • Experience with version control tools such as Git

How a Dedicated Flutter Team Works

Dedicated flutter developers make cross-platform apps cut down on business’ development time and costs. The idea is to free the company from the constant hassle of hiring different developers but one dedicated team for all their development needs. 

Relying on your dedicated team can help you consume less time to market the final product. Plus, your Flutter developers can help you easily maintain the app, integrate with other existing apps, save resources, and accelerate productivity. Hence, finding a suitable Flutter development team becomes mandatory. 

Eventually, it all boils down to how well your chosen team works to attain the organizational objectives. And, that is possible when you rely on the right source to hire them. So, you can opt for freelancers, go beyond the recruiting sites, check their online presence, conduct a coding assessment test, and interview them finally before hiring them. 

Here are some questions that you can ask flutter developers:

  • Can you differentiate between hot restart and hot reload? 
  • Can you nest a scaffold? If yes, why, and if no, why not. 
  • How will you reduce the widget rebuild? 
  • What is BuildContent, and how can it be helpful in the development process? 
  • What format should you use for layout files? (A tricky question)
  • What is the best way to ensure consistent formatting in Flutter code? 

Once you have satisfactorily completed the interviewing process, you can go with the best team that matches your requirements and project needs. Be sure to ask them about being comfortable working with another team of designers, developers, quality assurance, and other experts. 

Benefits of Deploying a Dedicate Flutter Team

Having a dedicated Flutter team is an amazing way to scale up your business. Here are some worth-mentioning advantages you could leverage by hiring a remote dedicated Flutter team.

1. Cost-Effective Pricing 

Having a dedicated team by your side means getting cost-effective solutions without hiring a new team for every project. Hence, you can save tremendous costs when hiring a dedicated team for your company. 

2. Access to Global Talent Pool

You have access to numerous talent nationwide when you plan to hire a remote dedicated flutter team for yourself. Since there is no limitation to access of talented developers, you can always go for only the best to further deploy the satisfactory outcome. 

3. Flexible Working Hours 

You don’t have to restrict yourself to certain timings. Since your remote flutter development team could be in any country, you can always enjoy the privilege of flexible working hours and deliver results accordingly. 

4. Expertise and Niche Skills

You can always access specific niche skills and expertise when you have access to the talent pool. You can invest in a good particular niche-specific skill flutter team to deliver something your competitors might not have access to. 

5. Complete Control Over the Project 

Yes, it is time you get over this myth that you will lose control if your hire a remote dedicated team for your business. However, all you need to do is manage processes properly and have smooth communication to make the most of your development team. 

Three Actionable Strategies to Opt for When Hiring a Dedicated Flutter Development Team 

An inherent background check of the remote dedicated flutter development team you are hiring is a must. It includes their past projects, the customer feedback, the pricing model, and the methodologies adopted. Also, check their technical adeptness to understand how well they will fit your organizational needs. 

Just by keeping a few points in mind, you can make hiring a dedicated remote flutter development team a more seamless process. Simply put, your dedicated team must:

1. Promote Variety of Agile Methodologies 

Agile methodology is highly preferred, whether for Extreme Programming or Scrum, due to its adaption to high flexibility and constant improvement. In addition, the efficiency that you can lure using agile methodologies is incomparable. 

Furthermore, you will need to create a common ground between your in-house team and remote team of developers. For that, you can initiate a combined training session where both teams are introduced to each other. Apart from that, you can arrange weekly meetings with the teams and managers to head the project in the right direction. 

2. Adhere to Latest Trends and Best Development Practices

One can hardly overstate the importance of adhering to the best development practices and current trends. The development team with knowledge of both will always have the upper hand in the industry. 

For instance, better workflow, knowledge of minimizing the cost spent in experimentation, low chances of risks, failed deliveries, and higher efficiency in deliveries become more seamless for developers who follow the latest industry trends and effective development practices. 

Hence, you need to ask your potential developers to present an approximate tech stack they are familiar with and planning to utilize for your project. You can even ask them to send over the list of testing tools they plan to use in your project for both the in-house and remote teams to remain on the same page. 

3. Rigorously Stick to Security Protocols 

An experienced, dedicated flutter development team must know that the best SDLC has security embedded at every stage. And how vital factor it is to consider when doing app development. You can call it the base for deploying a highly secure product that results in utmost customer satisfaction. 

You can always question your remote flutter team about how they will use the best practices to avoid any security vulnerabilities. Also, indulge both the teams to share their points to keep both the teams on the same page. They could even have the same approach to solve those vulnerabilities, which means more seamlessness in the process. 


Hiring dedicated remote flutter development is an ideal solution for a cost-effective, time-saving, and skill-specialized flutter app development. Besides, getting a remote development team is a feasible solution for every business, irrespective of its size and nature. Hence, we highly recommend you hire your remote dedicated flutter development team for leveraging all benefits that will take your business to next level.

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