Advantages of receiving physiotherapy at home

Physiotherapy is healing at its best. After an injury or a surgical intervention, physiotherapy helps with rapid rehabilitation. The bene dictionary of physiotherapy exceeds the boundaries of physiological and anatomical ordeals and spreads into the domain of the human psyche as well. A therapist must play the role of an oasis of confidence amidst the desert of pains and sufferings. […]

Exploring the best data science research areas for 2021

The year of 2021 is slated for a rapid cycle of research in data science. The reasons are multiple. First among the list is the new application areas which are emerging in the domain of data science. Second is the accuracy with which data based models are able to predict the end results. And truly speaking, the list is endless. […]

Businesses And The Public Sectors All Over The World Are Leaning Towards Machine Learning: A Profitable Disposition?

What Machine learning eliminates is human error. That could only mean profit and to some extent, it is true as well. Machine learning models can be programmed to take over the responsibilities of routine and mundane tasks. Setting free the valuable human labor involved in the processes. Additionally, due to such a takeover, the value of human labor might increase […]

2021: HRMS Implementation and 5 Es To Leverage It

Companies in India have already started or completed figuring out their own hybrid approaches based on their requirements. Every business leader out there is in the process of formalizing a hybrid workplace that is not just productive but also allows them to improve their bottom line. A good number of Indian businesses have reopened their workplaces with all necessary precautions. […]