5 Dessert Ideas to Sweeten your Easter Celebration

Easter Celebration, predominantly observed by Christian households commemorating the resurrection of Jesus, is enthusiastically celebrated by a myriad of people in some secular contexts across the globe. Family gatherings and gifting sweets and treats to your loved ones is the highlight of the day. The best cake shops in Mumbai always take it up a notch with their creativity for […]

Pest Control Tips for Your Home During the Monsoon

The monsoon is a much-awaited season as it helps replenish water sources, nourish crops, and provide relief from the summer heat. However, this season also converts many spaces into breeding grounds for water-borne diseases and other intestinal and stomach infections. Monsoons are when pests such as rodents, and insects like mosquitoes, dragonflies, and cockroaches become more active due to the […]

Things to Remember When Visiting a Modular Kitchen Showroom

Homeowners are beginning to opt for modular kitchens over their regular kitchens. Regular kitchens, with their outdated kitchen layouts, lack smart storage spaces, style, and trending colour palettes. Modular kitchens are superior when it comes to design, functionality, finishes, ease of use, cost, and quality. But, understanding what you need and planning a modular revamp of your kitchen can get […]