8 Steps of Android Application Development Process

8 Steps of Android Application Development Process

Android Application Development Process

Every single day, thousands of mobile applications are published to Apple and Google. What we are worried about within this collateral is professionally-built business apps. In this section, there are maybe a few hundred that are noticeable. And if being in the top-notch group of apps is your goal, then here is a guideline we have compiled after supplying more than 800 apps for both OS platforms.

In this article, I will focus on the Android application development process to direct your interest in what goes into the development of an excellent app. Every app requirement that we come across has different needs and different features. However, the Android app development process is a sum-mean of all levels that go into designing, generating, developing, and post-deployment of the application.

Here are the instructions for Android application development procedure:

1. Ideation

This may sound a piece preachy, however, each extraordinary app starts out with a concept. Do you have got a concept for your thoughts to create an app? Have a take and observe the ability answers that the app is answering. Additionally, have a take and observe the troubles which you may face while constructing the app. It’s a form of an educational exercise, however we guarantee you that it’s far nicely really well worth it.

2 questions which you may ask yourself are:

“Can the app clear up _____ problem?”


“Are there choices out there that my application can outdo?”

If you could solve those questions constructively, you’re midway in your concept turning into a reality. And because you are studying this content material piece, you should glaringly understand in which your audience resides, i.e., on Android. The subsequent element for your plate ought to be how your app can clear up the trouble itself, and the way higher you may clear up it in assessment of different alternatives which are available. 

The pleasant alternative is to immerse yourself in information the answer which you need to region available as an Android app. With this step, you may begin your adventure with the approach to make an Android app.

2. App Strategy

Competition is the call of the game at this stage. With strategy, you’ll want to create a plan, a type of a blueprint to provide your concept a few structures. Look at your competition and the amount of downloads they have got gained. Look at the opinions in the Google App Store to realize wherein you’ll want to plug the ones holes.

Plus, it might be superb if you could recognize the corporate records of your competition, to provide you a very good concept in their carried out strategy. See if you could discover insights into the demanding situations they confronted and how (if) they overcame it.

The greatest option though is to partner with the best Android application development services. This way they can do a SWOT analysis (advantages, weak spots, possibilities, and threats).

3. Wireframing

A wire-frame is a blueprint of the app. Not especially the UX of the app, though this can be part of the wire-frame. Wire-framing will shape the app from end-to-end. It will encompass app features, equipment alternatives that can be wished for integration (like social media, ERP/CRM software program and such) into the app, specifications, and feasibility of the app. This makes positive that the concept that your Android app development company are in sync together along with your commercial enterprise strategy.

4. Design

The front-end of the Android application development Services is the primary aspect that your customers will choose your app on. This is the level in which Android interface layout group will paintings on. To ensure that each one bases are covered, the group will take a look at and recheck all specs primarily based totally at the wire-framing. The layout is a level in which keeps remarks together along with your Android app development companion is the maximum necessary.

5. App Development

The Android application development Service gives apps made-on-demand with reusable codes. At this stage, our Android app developers will give attention to the person interface (UI) issue of the app, wherein numerous strategies are deployed concurrently to code the usability of the app.

As the application is carried out and tested, companies will supply the app for feedback. And because the Android app development process is primarily based totally on a low-code method, iterations may be made at any level of the Android app development process. This is a not possible method in case of making apps from scratch on a conventional linear platform.

Android app developers at this level will encompass functions like navigation, SQLite, use of intent, listing view, navigation and collating all statistics silos to carry out as one single unit.

6. Testing

The app development process consists of ordinary assessments via way of the means of our QA group at each stage. Maximum of the Android app development is a automated process. Companies love to make certain that there are zero probabilities of insects in the software. Our Android app development service consists of this selection as part of the overall process.

7. Deployment and Market Submission

As you provide us the green light to ahead with the final application for submission, Android application development company will put up the app to Google Play Store for approval. We will create an account with Google offers you complete rights to the app, which encompass rights to the software. This normally takes much less than days. The foremost motive for this being that the Android app development is primarily based on hints provided by Google.

8. Post-Deployment

Just creating the app is simply 90% of the Android app development process. The relaxation is post-deployment. With our low priced subscription-primarily based service, you may want to pay only for software program upgrades (based on Google’s software patch upgrades) and the price of hosting the software on the Cloud server.

Android app development services will contend with all of your issues henceforward in our subscription-based model. And in case you want to scale your app for greater functions and such, you don’t ought to undergo the complete gamut of Android app development process again. Our Android application developers will be cautious of it for yourself.

No matter the type or size of your company, or the difficulty of the workflow, Android mobile application development services in Chennai, will create an application that will exceed your targets.

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