All You Need To Know About Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds

Different parts of the fennel plant are used for cooking purposes, and you can generally find its seeds in a powdered or complete form. Fennel seeds appear to be a long, thin shape and are brown or green in color. They taste like sweet licorice and scent to stews, curries, desserts, bread, and beverages. Fennel seeds can be chewed after having a mean which happens to be suitable for digestion issues and also help reduce gas problems. You can easily avail yourself of Fennel Seeds India online or in some general market store.

How do fennel seeds work?

Fennel seeds are rich in fiber, and 6 grams (a tablespoon) of dried fennel seeds provide you with two grams source of fiber. In comparison, an apple possesses about 3-4 grams of fiber. The suggested regular amount of dietary fiber is upto 25-30 grams.

This fiber helps to bulk up and treat watery diarrhea during the stomach flu, which helps to prevent or slow down the runny bowel movements.  Overall, fennel seeds help maintain your digestive tract by relieving constipation and other digestive problem that causes the gas.


It is found that fennel seeds and fennel plants and sunflower seeds have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, and antifungal qualities, which may help get rid of bacteria that give rise to gassiness problems in case of upset stomach or food poisoning.


Fennel seeds also minimize inflammation by helping soothe down the swelling or irritation in the intestines and enhance digestion. Fennel seeds help relieve constipation by relaxing the muscles in the intestines. Soothing muscles in the intestines and stomach help to reduce gassiness that occurs from acid reflux or constipation. Anethole is the main element that provides fennel seeds these beneficial effects.

How to use the fennel seeds:

Fennel seeds possess a higher oil concentration; it is why you need to use one tablespoon or a teaspoon of dried, whole fennel seeds in most of your recipes. If you are using fennel seeds to make tea, you are required about one teaspoon. Usage method:

  • Grind or crush whole fennel seeds before adding them to your tea or cooking. It helps to release more flavor and oil
  • Adding toasted fennel seeds to dishes would give them licorice, sweet flavor
  • Crush a spoonful of fennel seeds, and pouring boiled water over them will prepare your simple tea
  • And for baking items, add a tablespoon of the seeds to a batter
  • Users can also give a try to a supplement as it is easily accessible in capsule form. According to the Fennel Seeds India manufacturer, the recommended dosage is three capsules per day.
  • Some people use fennel seeds or fennel to make natural gripe water for older babies; it may help relieve the colic or gassiness symptoms in infants.

Benefits of the fennel seeds:

  • Stimulating Libido:

According to folklore, fennel can be utilized as a substance or an aphrodisiac that enhances the sexual drive. But more research to be made to precisely determine how particularly effective it is.

  • Tastes and Fragrances:

Fennel can be processed to make a volatile oil. Volatile oil generally has a good smell and is quickly absorbed in the skin. It means that fennel oils are ideal for perfumes and soaps. Fennel also has a nice flavor and is often opted to improve the medication’s tastes.


According to a study, fennel consists of estrogen-like compounds that act like estrogen in the body. It is tested in goats and resulted in the stimulation of breast milk production, and it is believed that it works the same in women. And nowadays, many new moms use herb-based drinks to boost up their milk production.

  • Fighting Disease:

Recent scientific studies have revealed that simple spices, including red chili, and sweet fennel, are significantly effective and slow down the prospering of certain bacteria that are associated with cholera

  • Colicky Infants:

When newborns cry inconsolably over an hour at a time, it is because of the colic condition. There is no specific cause for colic conditions, but it would cause heavy stress to parents. Therefore research conducted in Russia that a fennel seed oil may minimize the intensity of colic, and it is estimated in hours of crying by as more as one-quarter.

  • Respiratory System:

According to research in Italy, gurgling an infusion of fennel seed can loosen up the mucus in your lungs and ultimately relieve your sore throat or cough. Gurgling once a day with 1 to 1.5 teaspoons of fennel seed could help to ease your above symptoms.

  • Relief from menstrual cramps:

A recent study has revealed that the combination of Vitamin E and fennel extract drastically minimize the cramping pain from menstruation. The fennel mixture was ultimately more effective for study respondents compared to over the counter pain relievers

  • Bites and wounds:

In specific cultures, fennel has been traditionally used to heal poisonous bites and wounds and remove the ingested poisons. Some believe the fennel seeds have essential oil and other properties that promote quick topical healing and internal healing.

Some of the side effects:

Fennels seeds consist of oils that can be retrieved into concentrated forms. All kinds of natural oils contain potent chemicals. And if you use beyond the quantity, it may lead to side effects. So use it in a proper amount because the side effects depend on how much you prefer to eat them. There is also the possibility that fennel seeds may cause allergy; therefore, more research needs to be done.


With the above discussion, we are precisely clear that fennel seeds have several health benefits. They are very good at preventing or getting rid of gaseous problems. Fennel Seeds India capsule manufacturers also recommend using capsules in a prescribed dosage or adding fennel seeds to your diet plan, which will offer you great fiber and other natural benefits. Also, if you have a chronic business, tell your doctor because it might be a disease or digestive problem; it needs prompt treatment. An additional important note does not to take fennel seed when conceived or breastfeeding unless you consult with the doctor.

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