Afraid Of Stairs? Here Are 5 Benefits Of Having A One-story House

one-story house

What is a one-story house? A one-story house consists of a ground building only, which can also have a basement. If the roof’s main function is for maintenance, cleaning, and repair then it’s still considered as one-story. It’s ideal for families who are just starting their journey together, and for individuals who don’t need too much space.

If you’re having second thoughts about it, check these 5 reasons why you should pursue a one-story house!

single-story home

1. No stairs involved

No stairs, no problem! Since a lot of accidents involve stairs, and most houses have straight one-direction stairs, a falling of a person may result in severe injury. According to Blazewick et al. (2018), over a million patients are being treated annually due to stair-related accidents. Not to scare you, just stating some facts.

Moreover, when you plan to move in, it’ll be easier. You won’t have to go upstairs and down again carrying big boxes. You can also place the furniture instantly without worrying if it’ll fit in the staircase. Can’t relate? Just imaging Ross from the Friends’ episode, The One with the Cop (1999), pivoting. 

2. Easier to maintain

One-story houses are easier to maintain inside and out. 

On the inside, you can easily reach and clean the ceiling, and have access to all the corners of the house. You can also change the light bulbs without asking for help from a maintenance team. Cleaning materials and the laundry can just stay in one place just as everything else. No need to drag everything up and down.

On the outside, you’ll also have easy access to the roof, gutter, and other parts at the top area. If you would like to repaint, it’ll also be a lot easier because you’ll just need a ladder. You can also remove pipes easily, and fix electric wires without going too high. 

3. Good for grandparents, kids, and persons with disabilities

Older people and much younger kids tend to lose their balance more often. It’ll help the elders and persons with disabilities a lot if they won’t have to challenge themselves with all the stairs climbing. Disabled persons, especially those in wheelchairs will find it hard to maneuver. As for the kids, parents will no longer be afraid that their kids might fall from the upper floors.

Moreover, in case of emergencies such as fires and earthquakes, everyone can escape quickly because they are closer to the front door and exits, including windows. 

Also, Feng Shui experts advise people that it’s bad to have stairs facing the front door. So, when considering stairs, you’ll also need to think about the layout along with the  good and bad effects of having stairs in the house if you ever want one.

It’s not just for the current elders. If you are not planning to move, it’ll be a good decision to grow old in a house without stairs. 

4. Costs less than the others

Planning to start from scratch? A single-story house is budget-friendly! You’ll need fewer materials than those houses with additional floors. Aside from fewer materials, labor costs and professional fees are way lower. Aside from that, the decorations for a finished single-story home means fewer sofas, tables, beds, and accessories. 

Planning to expand your house in the future? If you have enough space, it’s a good thing that you have a one-story house that is easier and cheaper to expand, and good for home improvement.

In terms of electricity, few appliances are also needed. Cooling and heating down the place will just take less time.

Taxes are also at a lower price. Buildings cost much more taxes than a one-story home. Although it still depends if your house consumed a wide space of land.

5. Saves space 

Going back to stairs, the ideal ones are those houses that have curved or platform staircases. However, most houses require straight stairs because it’s easier to build and design. The standard straight staircase usually consumes around 30 sq ft of space above and below it. If you’re going for a one-story house, you won’t need to worry about this. You’ll just be happy your house won’t have stairs.

In addition, building a single-story home takes less time than those with multiple floors. New home builders will also worry less because they don’t have work in higher areas.

Now that you are convinced, start looking for designs and locations for your new home. Kindly share with us your lovely experiences living in a single-story home by commenting below! 

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