7 Tips To Choose Top Liver Transplant Hospital In India

7 Tips To Choose Top Liver Transplant Hospital In India

Liver Transplant Hospital In India

The liver is one of the most vital organs of the human body. Located on the right side of the abdomen, it is the largest internal organ in the body. It is responsible for over five hundred major and minor bodily functions crucial for staying alive and healthy. 

The most crucial function of a liver is to eliminate toxins and harmful elements from the body. It is a natural detoxifying machine that flushes out all the toxic substances from our bodies. 

However, the functionality of the liver might get hampered severely beyond repair due to several reasons, calling for an immediate liver transplant.

Understanding Liver Transplants

A liver transplant is a process in which a diseased or damaged liver is surgically removed from a patient’s body and is replaced with a new one. Liver failure is a condition where the liver completely stops functioning due to damage. 

What Causes The Need Of A Liver Transplant?

Cirrhosis is a chronic disease that, over time, slowly causes degeneration, inflammation, and thickening of the liver cells. This slow damage occurs due to multiple reasons. Some of the major reasons are as follow:

1. Excessive Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is one of the prime causes of liver damage. According to the experts in the medical field from the top liver transplant hospital in India, the frequency of liver damage cases due to alcohol has increased by folds in recent times. 

2. Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

In this condition, fat molecules build up in the liver and lead to inflammation of the cells. Due to this, the cells are not able to function and hence die. The major cause of this condition is excessive calorie intake from high cholesterol and fatty foods.

3. Hepatitis B And C

A chronic disease that causes serious inflammation of the liver cells and leads to liver damage, liver cancer, and eventual liver failure. The major cause of the disease is contact with uncleaned needles and unscreened blood products.

What Is The Benefit Of A Liver Transplant?

There are several benefits to a liver transplant as it assures you a better quality of life in case of a damaged liver, and it offers the gift of life in cases of complete liver failure. 

How To Choose The Right Hospital For Liver Transplant?

Choosing the right liver transplant hospital is crucial for ensuring a successful surgery and better post-recovery. Below are the seven tips for choosing the right hospital for liver transplant in India:

1. Research

Always research the best hospital suitable for your needs and condition. Research is key when starting off on the right foot, as it will let you know which hospital suits your requirements the most.

2. Evaluate The Success Rate 

Before you choose a hospital, know how many successful kidney transplants have happened there and the rate of survival. Then, based on the acquired data, make the right decision for yourself.

3. Waiting-List

Find out the length of the waiting list before deciding on choosing the right hospital. Waiting lists are long as almost everyone on the list is in dire need; hence find out where you might stand on that list and make decisions accordingly. 

4. Expertise Of Doctors 

Consider doctors’ expertise; this is a vital factor for a successful liver transplant. Some of India’s top liver transplant hospitals have excellent liver transplant teams who excel at performing such surgeries and handling even the most complex cases.

5. Location 

Choose the location of the hospital wisely as medical facilities located far away from your residential area might be inconvenient for pre and post-surgery, especially in cases of unforeseeable medical emergencies. 

Max Super Speciality, the top liver transplant hospital in India, has branches across India, which provide great accessibility to city and outskirt residents alike. 

6. Medical Expenses

Evaluate the totals cost required for the transplant. Hospitals have different options available for the payment of treatment costs. For example, some of the top liver transplant hospitals in India offer policies that allow you to pay in installments. 

7. Testimonials

Rely on testimonials and patient reviews besides researching and meeting the surgeons or doctors personally. This will give you an honest and clear peek into the services offered by different hospitals.


Liver transplants are most needed by patients with significant complications caused by end-stage liver disease, usually chronic. However, acute liver failure can also occur in some people due to unforeseeable complications, and a liver transplant is a treatment option in such cases. 

If you require a liver transplant, consider the above criteria to ensure you get the best care possible from the top liver transplant hospital in India.

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