7 Reasons To Wear Wrist Wraps During a Workout

Wrist Support

If lifting heavy weights is key in your exercise regime, then wearing wrist wraps is something that you shouldn’t skip!

In fact, wrist wraps should be one of your essentials. Their main purpose is to make sure your joints are in a neutral position, which is important if you’re lifting heavy weights, otherwise you could cause pain or injuries to your wrists. By wearing wrist wraps, not only will you reduce the risk of being hurt, but you’ll be also helping yourself by enhancing your own performance.

Here are 7 reasons why you should wear a wrist wrap during a workout:

Prevent any potential injuries

There are so many benefits for working out with weights, however the heavier you lift, the more chances there are of suffering from an injury. This should be prevented as much as possible, and wrist wraps are great for this. When worn correctly, wrists wraps provide additional support which will stabilise the joints in your wrists, preventing any harm or injuries from occurring during heavy weightlifting. Your body can be most vulnerable to injuries whilst lifting heavy weights, so safety should be prioritised. If you have previously suffered from any wrist injuries, wearing wrist wraps can help with returning to weightlifting after you have worn wrist injury braces, however it’s always recommended to seek the advice from a doctor beforehand.

Better grip when lifting heavy weights

Wearing wrist wraps can help to boost your ability to grip heavier weights, which can help you to train with heavier weights for longer periods of time. This is vital, especially as heavy lifting requires maximum effort. When you first start to wear wrist wraps, it may feel slightly uncomfortable as you aren’t used to your wrists being tightly wrapped and being restricted from extra movement, however this is for your own safety and to get the most out of your workouts. The sturdier the wrist wraps feel, the better this is for you. If they feel too malleable or flexible, this defeats the purpose of the wrist wraps and your grip won’t be as steady as you would want it to be.

Additional support for your wrists

Heavy weights can really take its toll on your wrists and sometimes this is inevitable, however this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to have better wrist support. Any sort of movement of the wrist, whether that’s back and forth or side to side, can create excess stress or tension to your wrists. Of course, that isn’t ideal! To prevent this, we recommend wearing our wrist wraps for joint stability. This will limit excessive joint movement in your wrists, even when you are doing heavy exercises such as bench or head presses. The heavier the weights, the better it is to have extra support for your wrists, so make sure you don’t miss them out during your next workout.

Reduced pain

Regular weight training can sometimes cause sprains, minor fractures, or other injuries in your wrist, which can be incredibly painful and decrease your weightlifting abilities. However, wearing a wrist wrap can offer some reinforcement to the bones in your wrists to reduce any pain and discomfort, aiding in wrist injury support. Wrist wraps, when worn appropriately, are tight around both of your wrists which can lessen the likelihood of any pain from occurring or becoming worse if slight discomfort is already being experienced. We can’t stress enough just how helpful wrist wraps are in reducing pain, as they will really make sure that both wrists are rigid throughout your workout.

Increased performance

Weightlifting and intense workouts will inevitably push your body to its limits, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could reduce muscle fatigue? Wrist wraps are perfect for this, as they provide protection to stabilise your wrists which can result in pushing beyond your fatigue limits. Instead, you will be able to build up your muscle strength which can really help to get the best out of your workouts. Whilst fatigue is natural, wrist wraps ensure that your exercise form won’t be compromised.

Feel more confident with heavier weights

Increasing the weight that you lift can sometimes be nerve-wracking, however wrist wraps can help you build more confidence with this, as they will make sure that your fingers are squeezing the bar as tight as is necessary, making you feel more self-assured about your workouts. The wrist wraps will make sure that your muscles won’t fatigue as quickly and your wrists won’t move excessively as they have extra support, so this will help you to really push yourself.

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Aids your workout goals

Anyone who exercises usually targets that they would like to achieve, and wrist wraps can help you to achieve this. Due to the support that wrist wraps offer, they can encourage you to try new exercises or even lift heavier weights that you thought you couldn’t do before wearing wrist wraps. Not only will this help your workouts to feel more challenging and versatile, but it will also enhance your physical activity and reach your personal goals. Whilst there are different types of wrist wraps available on the market, it’s important to make sure that your wrist wraps fit you properly, otherwise you won’t be able to experience the benefits of wearing them. Some people prefer thinner wrist wraps and whilst this is personal preference, it’s always important to keep in mind that wrist wraps really should not be flexible or allow wrist movement, as this defeats the purpose of why you should wear them in the first place.

It’s also great to keep in mind that various sizes are available, so you should make sure that they fit your wrists just right. Ill-fitting wrist wraps won’t offer the beneficial support that is required during heavy exercises, and your form can also be compromised which can lead to your performance not being your best or you could get hurt.


By all counts with results, it is no wonder that wearing wrist wrap can aid you in relieving the injuries and offer prevention to be reinjured. The information in this guide can be a lot to process, but every section is important for your overall progress and training. Check out the collection from 360Relief.co.uk and take your training to the next level. For anyone interested in buying wrist wraps with strong stitching, construction, and material 360 Relief offers various wrist wraps in many colours.

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