6 Tips To Rank For Google’s Featured Snippets

6 Tips To Rank For Google’s Featured Snippets

Google’s Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the first thing that we see when searching for a word or phrase on Google today. These featured snippets are what give the searchers the most accurate and relevant information about what they are searching for. They give answers to queries in a quick, convenient, and easy-to-read format. One won’t have to click through anything to find what they’re looking for. Hence, targeting to rank for them is a wise decision, if you want to beat your competitors and boost traffic on your site, which may lead to conversions. In fact, research has shown that content with a featured snippet gets a double click-through rate than one without.

So, when you want to rank for these snippets, but don’t know, you can bank on these 6 simple tips that will take you through the journey of being unnoticeable to being “featured”!

1. Find competitor snippets

Find out the featured snippets that your competitors have earned. Then, look for those snippets that you’re already ranking for. Once you know the snippets that your competitors are earning, and you are not, you can then optimize your content for the exact words or topics to earn them too. You must also keep an eye out for variations of each keyword.

2. Uncover snippet opportunities

Think like your audience! After all, whatever you are offering on Google, is for your audience, isn’t it? So, analyze the queries that your audience is trying to find answers for, and try to answer each one of them. Also, check if people are finding it difficult to grasp your content because of some uncommon or unfamiliar words. Your content should be relevant and informative, but not confusing or difficult to read or understand.

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3. Find content ideas

There are a whole lot of questions that can be asked about a topic – who, why, when, what, where, and how. Look for the kind of questions your target audience is trying to ask. Focus on only those question types, and try to provide the best answer for them.

4. Choose an ideal word count

Any content that is too long can be boring or scary to go through. Then, any content that is too short can be incomplete or not-so-informative. In any case, the results are unpleasant. You must thus be sure about what you’re writing. Make sure to include every possible bit of information, while also keeping it short. Now, same goes for a featured snippet. Include every possible important word or phrase, but don’t make it too long. The ideal length of content in a featured snippet lies between 40 and 50 words. This is why you must keep each section of your content between 40 to 50 words only.

5. Use headers

Headers can help format your long-form content in the best possible manner by breaking up each different section and providing an insight into the same. Keep your content organized into paragraphs, lists, or steps, and use headers or sub-headings by size.

6. Add high quality media

People love visuals as such elements help them to understand the content better, remember it for longer, and break off from the all-text boredom. This is why photos and videos can help you to a great extent to attract visitors. But, don’t forget to add an alt-text for your images, and a voice transcript for your videos. Google may identify the text and choose it for a featured snippet.

To Conclude,

Featured snippets are on the rise, which means that pages with these snippets will dominate the SERPs. So, if you want to rank high, boost traffic, boost conversions, and beat your competitors, ranking for featured snippets is the answer. So, use the above tips to rank for them, and for every other aspect, you can always have a digital marketing company in India to take care of all your online tasks.

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