6 Cheapest And Fastest Ways To Migrate To Canada in 2021

6 Cheapest And Fastest Ways To Migrate To Canada in 2021

Ways To Migrate To Canada

The Immigration process to Canada is not a simple task. There are numerous points to carry for successfully applying and getting approved for Canadian immigration. Also, the procedure can take two or three months and in some cases a few years. If you want fast and easy methods to immigrate to Canada you will need to read some best and right options that suit your requirements and are budget-friendly. Here, we listed the top 6 ways to immigrate to Canada within a few days. 

Apply For A Study Visa

The Study Visa Program is beneficial for those students who want to study in Canada. Newly passed out students can apply for a study visa in Canada. Many visa immigration companies offer services in study visas and help you in the visa process. This will help you to find the right course in Canada’s colleges and guarantee you to provide a study visa in 2-3 months. Before applying for a study visa you must be cleared an IELTS paper with 6 or 6.5 bands. After finishing your study you can apply for work permit programs or PR programs in Canada.

Express Entry Program 

Express Entry level visa is the fastest and popular way to get immigrants and PR in Canada. An Express Entry immigration program allows you to work and live as a skilled worker in Canada. Now, the Canadian government allows permanent citizenship to pro-skilled workers. If your qualifications and experience matched with the CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) then you can easily get PR in Canada.CIC program manages their PR applications with three economic class immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

A candidate needs to get high points to get eligibility for applying to a PR program. 

Get A Visitor Visa

If you want to enjoy summer and winter or attend a program in Canada you can get a visitor or tourist visa in Canada. Many visa consultancy services providers get your offer letter within 30-45 days. Although, it’s not a permanent way to immigrate to Canada. The Canada visa is divided into 2 categories:

  • Single Entry Visa
  • Multiple Entry Program

In both, you are allotted for three or a maximum of 6 months in Canada.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Visa (AIPP)

The AIPP program is useful to employers to find highly skilled people. It is an employer-driven way for qualified workers and globally graduated students. AIPP categories in three types:

  • Intermediate Skilled worker
  • High-Skilled Worker
  • International Graduate program

Each application for AIPP is processed in six months.

Sponsorship Visa

You can sponsor your family or partner with a spouse visa program in Canada. When you get PR in Canada you’re eligible for applying for a spouse visa and invite your family members and partner to Canada. Most spouse visa applications are processed in 4-5 months. For more information, you can consult with visa immigration companies and check all the processing details and fees.

This will assist you with tracking down the right course in Canada’s universities and assurance you to give an examination visa in 2-3 months. Prior to applying for an examination visa you should be cleared an IELTS paper with 6 or 6.5 groups. Subsequent to completing your investigation you can apply for work license projects or PR programs in Canada.

Startup or Investment Visa Program

It is for those immigrants who want to start a business in Canada. You can apply for a PR program but the work permit must be sponsored by Canada-based investors. There are multiple different Startup for Visa Program that you can join and it is very easy to consult and join them. You can check out and join it.

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