4 Must-Know Features Of IP Video Surveillance For Business

4 Must-Know Features Of IP Video Surveillance For Business

IP video surveillance

Regardless of the type of business you own, the need for IP video surveillance is a must in today’s market. Not just to keep your business safe from harm but to increase productivity and ensure that your employees are working with full integrity too. Although even after knowing why you need video security, many business owners don’t go for video surveillance.

They perhaps are not aware of the amazing features and convenience that these modern security systems could offer. Keeping up with these tech advancements is important for your personal and business growth. This is why in case you are in a fix trying to decide whether or not to get a video surveillance system for your business, we list down its 4 prime features for you to know about.

Advanced Intrusion Recording

When you install an intrusion detection system or alarm system at your business, you can get advanced intrusion recording from your video surveillance system even if the alarm goes off. This is not only a safer option to prevent break-ins but also much more reliable. The moment your system senses motion or any sort of signal around, it starts recording. It could come in handy if the intruder somehow disables the alarm system.

The IP technology serves as the backbone network in IP surveillance. Video and/or audio streams can be sent to any location through a wired and/or wireless IP network which enables users to access the image from anywhere. All EverFocus AI IP camera build in basic AI IVS functions, such as Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Line Crossing Detection, Missing / Unattended Object Detection.

Instant Mobile Alerts

With a quality IP Video Surveillance system, you can also be in check of your building and its security. How? Simply with the help of instant mobile alerts and notifications. Setting up the system and connecting it to your mobile will let you know about anything and everything happening in your business establishment even when you are miles away. For example, if an intruder gets in and turns off the alarm, you are going to get the notification right there and then.

Video Analytics

Modern-day video surveillance for your business isn’t just limited to recording videos. Depending on your needs and video system type these can also generate alerts for vehicles parked in no-parking zones, intruders, loitering, and more. So if you get a restaurant video security system or for whatever type your business is, you are making it completely secure and threat-free with video analytics.

Many businesses use surveillance systems to detect motion in their store after hours. You can set your system to motion detection during the hours your business is closed, so if it detects motion it will send you an email – a quick response that may help you react quickly to a break-in or accident.

Central Video Solution

Is your business spread out to different locations? Then you know how hard it could be to manage. But not for video security. The advanced IP video surveillance systems come with a central video managing solution that lets you centralize the footage from all the locations to one place. By opting for a central video solution, you are making it easier for you to manage and expand your surveillance systems as your business grows with time. You can save yourself a fair amount of time and effort through this.

TIP: Don’t avoid getting video security just to save some money. Quality IP surveillance is an important and effective business investment for the long term.


The features of IP video surveillance that are mentioned here are just a few of many things that a lot of us still don’t know about. Contact Teledata ICT to know what you don’t about modern IP surveillance and get it installed at your business establishment professionally.

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