3 Steps To Choosing The Right Headset

3 Steps To Choosing The Right Headset


In the hour of despair, everyone has stopped by the corner stand and bought a $ 10 headset. It breaks the branch for a few days but has a life as short as that of a fly. At the end of a year, you probably spent about $ 100 just on poor-quality headphones that break in a few days. So, isn’t it better to invest that money in a quality product that will last for a long time and still provide quality sound to your ears? We have 3 surefire tips for you to choose the ideal headset and know where to put your money. Connect:


There are several on the market: the earbud is the most common type, it comes with most cell phones and MP3 players. They are cheap, small and discreet. The sound quality is usually good, but the bass is not as striking. If you are not very demanding (and you don’t care about the knots of the wires), this model is ideal. You can carry this type of headset everywhere and it is much more democratic than the supra-auricular headset – that headset that fits the head. This model provides a higher quality of sound and, incredible as it may seem, it is the favorite among those who practice physical activity frequently. The earbud model ends up falling out of hearing when we run, this does not happen with the supra-auricular. Whoever works with music obviously also prefers this model, after all, as we already said, he values ​​the bass and has an impressive sound quality. In addition to being extremely comfortable, it also provides an incredible and ideal immersion for those who do not want external noise to disturb the music. To choose your ideal phone, you need to keep in mind which model you want. There are other types, of course, like blue tooth, but the ones we mentioned earlier are the main ones.

Think about your pace and the moments you use the headset the most: if you travel up and down on public transport, you will probably prefer the earbud, after all, it is much easier to carry. But this is not a rule! If you don’t give up on sound quality, you can make an effort and make a space in the backpack for the supra-headset.


Keep in mind how much you can spend on your headset. To make this count, our tip is to think about the quantity of poor quality headphones you bought over the last year and also think about your goals with the product.

If you work with music, it is logical that you will need to stretch this budget. But if you just want a good phone that guarantees quality sound and that lasts a long time, you can reduce the amount you will spend a little. Are you the type of person who likes branded products? So, keep in mind that you will spend a little more when buying the headphones. Even so, it will not be a very surreal expense: the ideal is to invest money between $ 80 and $ 200. Make the headphones extremely expensive for anyone who works with music.


When you decide which model you want, try a few before you buy. Making this type of purchase over the internet is much cheaper, but you can choose the models on the computer, go to a physical store, test and then make the purchase over the internet. This step is essential for you not to spend more money than you need on the headphones. Often, we end up opting for the most expensive product, believing that high cost is a guarantee of better quality

But sometimes, a cheaper product has the same quality as the most expensive, the price is only different because of the brand or the design. Testing will also help you choose a model that fits your head best, for example, if you choose an in-ear headset. After testing, buy the product over the internet (the sites we recommend are excellent) and see if the store follows the exchange policy. This tip is good if you couldn’t find the phone you want in a physical store and need to make a blind purchase! With these tips, you will save money and stress less! In addition, it will generate less waste because you won’t have to throw a pair of headphones out every month.

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