15 Best Places to Stay Near Statue of Unity

15 Best Places to Stay Near Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity

The life of Sardar Patel is described in The Statue of Unity. Before leaving, a reservation must be made for the Statue of Unity. It is 200 kilometers from the major town and between 10 and 12 kilometers from the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The greatest place to stay close to the Statue of Unity is in a tent city. Ancient tent villages have been completely outfitted with one-of-a-kind luxuries. The tent city beside the Statue of Unity offers the greatest lodging for visitors.

Tented Accommodation Near Statue Of Unity

Statue Of Unity Tent City 1

A comfortable stay is available at Tent City 1, which is situated by the river. It is a serene, lovely place. I suggest going to this place if you want to see the Statue of Unity.

The price is quite worthwhile. Tourists may relax and have fun in Tent City’s serene setting.

Statue Of Unity Tent City 2

There are many different types of accommodations available in Tent City 2. You can locate the ideal lodging and sense the climate. You’ll experience tranquility while staying in the greatest Statue of Unity tent.

You must select the bundle that best meets your demands from among the many that are offered. This is a terrific location for conferences and informative visits with your family.

SOU Eco Camp

It’s a luxury option to stay at the Statue of Unity Eco Camp. There is open, lush terrain all around the Camp. The Statue of Unity, a location recognized for its elegance and splendor, is 9 kilometers away from it. The Special Luxurious Tented Accommodation in Ekta Nagar is close to the Monument of Unity.

Maharaja Tent Resort

Maharaja Tent Resort is a good option for those looking for cheap lodging close to the Statue of Unity. Visitors adore Maharaja Tent Resort more than any other low-cost hotel in Ekta Nagar. There are many hotels nearby Ekta Nagar where you can stay at various prices. Maharaja Tent Resort is one of the most reasonably priced tented resorts in its category.

Unity Village Resort

30 attractively designed, well-equipped cottages are available at Unity Village Resort in Ekta Nagar, which is surrounded by the outdoors and by mountains. When you stay at Unity Village Resort while visiting the Statue of Unity, you can take advantage of a number of amenities and services to make your stay more comfortable.

River View Tent Resort

A desirable alternative for individuals looking for inexpensive lodging in Rajpipla is River View Tent Resort.

A popular tourist spot is River View Tent Resort. Due to its dependable check-in/check-out process, innovative tactics, relaxed management style, and solid check-out/check-out procedures, this resort has excellent client satisfaction. Rajpipla has a large number of hotels that fall into various categories. The best of these is River View Tent Resort.

Unity Tent Resort

Deluxe tents, premium tents, and regular tents are all available as part of the range of packages at Unity Tent Resort.

Children under the age of six are not charged. Your visit to the Statue of Unity will be enhanced by the wealth of services and facilities Unity Tent City has to offer.

Resorts & Hotels Near Statue Of Unity

1. Ramada Encore By Wyndham

A comprehensive range of conveniences and services are available at the Ramada Encore, Wyndham Statue of Unity. This hotel is adjacent to the Narmada River and features a swimming pool. The hotel also features a business center, travel desk, coffee shop, outdoor games, spa, and bar, among other amenities.

2. The Fern Sardar Sarovar Resort

There are 169 rooms, 2 restaurants, conference spaces, and many indoor activities at the Fern Sardar Sarovar Resort in Ekta Nagar. Also, it has a spectacular pool, spa, Jacuzzi, and other outside activities. Unwind, let the tension go, and savor the tranquillity of the resort’s laid-back atmosphere.

Take part in thrilling excursions and activities while staying at The Fern Sardar Sarovar Resort.

3. Hotel Sai Inn Rooms

We are pleased to introduce the brand-new Hotel Sai Inn, which is next to the largest statue in the world. A restaurant, banquet hall, and conference room are among the more than 50 amenities and services available.

For easy access, the Hotel Sai Inn is a fantastic alternative. We will be delighted to have you as visitors and will make every effort to ensure your stay is comfortable.

4. Hotel Unity Inn

We are happy to announce hotel unity inn, a brand-new hotel next to the Statue of Unity. For your family holiday, group excursion, business trip, or casual leisure stay, you can discover the ideal location. Accommodations – Hotel Unity Inn offers cozy lodgings close to the Statue of Unity or the Sardar Sarovar Dam.

5. Grand Unity

The center of trade and commerce in Ahmedabad is where you’ll find the Hotel Grand Unity. Whether you are coming for business or pleasure, our boutique hotel can meet all of your needs.

The hotel provides a variety of amenities, such as Wi-Fi, currency exchange, concierge, travel offices, doctor on call, laundry, and many others, to make guests’ stays more enjoyable

6. Mansingh Inn Hotel

All the special amenities are included in Hotel The Pramukh-Mansingh Inn. The hotel has four family rooms, which are ideal for families of four. The hotel does not compromise on the quality of its food or service. Their primary goal is to respect their customers. This provides useful knowledge that allows you to understand in real time. This hotel will make you feel incredibly luxurious. The hotel has incredible facilities.

7. Oyo Ekta Houseboat

This organization is made to accommodate first-time tourists’ demands. They offer thorough information to make sure the experience is stress-free. The Statue of Unity is nearby, and you can stay in a plush and stylish Oyo EKTA houseboat. Visitors can enjoy a stunning view and excellent comfort on the Oyo EKTA houseboat.

Once you decide to reserve an Oyo Ekta houseboat, they will provide you with information so you may speak with the estate directly.

8. BRG Budget Hotel

The brand-new, elegant BRG Budget Stay is located in Ekta Nagar. The Statue of Unity is only 2 km away from it. The concept of BRG Budget Stay is fresh in the industry. Visitors, group travelers, and students attending school picnics can stay in expensive accommodations there at a very reasonable price.

To accommodate a range of visitors, you can select between Economical, Deluxe, or Premium Air Conditioned rooms.

Book Statue of Unity tickets online at the cheapest price & reserve your attractions near SOU right now! Explore the world’s tallest statue & nearby natural attractions.

The Bottom Line

Gujarat was developed as a major tourism destination. Whilst on holiday, the Statue of Unity is a fantastic destination. Get a package at the Statue of Unity for a pleasant stay, and you’ll get to see the biggest artificial hierarchy in the world.

If you intend to visit the Statue of Unity, we advise you to reserve your tickets online to avoid standing in line.

Many inexpensive hotels are available near the Statue of Unity for one night. In close proximity to the Statue of Unity are numerous hotels and resorts. The finest hotel to stay at close to the Statue of Unity, in our opinion, is Tent City. It’s a wonderful area to discover and interact with nature. Amazing facilities are provided.

The resorts and hotels were designed to draw tourists from all over the globe. They make their trip memorable so they can keep it forever.

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