10 Hair Salons in Marlton, NJ to ‘Get That Superstar Glow’ Like BTS

10 Hair Salons in Marlton, NJ to ‘Get That Superstar Glow’ Like BTS

“Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover

Gon’ pop like trouble breaking into your heart like that (ooh)” 

Whenever a Kpop group has their comeback, fans expect not only new concepts but also new looks among members of the group. To add up to the excitement for the comeback, Kpop idols release pictures to tease their fans showing their major hair transformations and major changes in their hair colors. 

BTS is no different and they never fail to surprise ARMYs in every one of their comebacks. Once a song of them is released, it instantly becomes a global hit, dominating all music charts and breaking records in YouTube views. They have excellent skills in dancing and singing, but their humble personalities are what captures the heart of ARMYs. No wonder, their group instantly became popular after their debut. 

Hair Colors for ‘Butter’ Comeback

BTS song ‘Butter’ is released last May 2021 alongside Permission to Dance. Butter is a catchy song and will leave you dancing to the beat without you even knowing. The Kpop group surprised their fans with trendy new hair colors, with RM, J-Hope, and Jungkook having the most dramatic hair transformations. 

The leader of the group, RM, opts for the hair pink once again. J-Hope rocks the vintage blonde hair color that perfectly complements his vibrant personality. Jimin chose to be bold as always with the platinum blonde hair color. Jin looks simple yet charismatic with his light brown hair like V who picks a chestnut brown color for his hair. 

Hair Salons in Marlton

Suga, the rapper of the group, still looks cool with his dark brown hair. Let’s not forget the make of the group who likes to play with his hair and always surprises ARMYs with his preferences in hair colors. Jungkook rocks the colors blue and red but this time he went for violet and he looks charming as usual. 

Jump On The Trend

Korean idols are trendsetters when it comes to fashion and hairstyles. They are known to be playful, creative, and colorful when it comes to accessories and clothing. So when it comes to hair colors they always choose vibrant colors to pair with their colorful outfits. 

To fans like ARMYs, their idols are their role models and everything that they do, they copy, precisely. If their idol posted on Instagram the specific brand of shoes they’re wearing, except that the sales for this particular shoe will increase. That is how influential they are. 

So when BTS had their comeback with Butter, for the ARMYs, it’s time to screenshot that picture of Jungkook’s violet hair or J-Hope’s vintage blonde hair and book an appointment with the nearest hair salon to have that same hair color. 

If you live in or near Marlton NJ, here are the 5 best-rated hair salons to help you achieve that vibrant hair color of your BTS bias. 

5 Hair Salon in Marlton NJ to ‘get that superstar glow’ like BTS.

1. Fantastic Sams Marlton 

This hair salon is located at 930 Route 73 North, Marlton. They offer various hair salon services such as professional color, haircuts, hair treatments, highlights, and many more. They are open from 9 am to 7 pm. Visit to know more about the hair color services that they offer. 

2. Wair Studio Salon

If you want an organic way of achieving the hair color of your BTS bias, then this hair salon is perfect for you. They are located at 65 East Route 70, Suite 1B Marlton, NJ. They use organic hair color that is free of harsh chemicals that can damage your hair. They promise a shiny, vibrant, and healthy hair color to their clients. You can visit their website at to know more. 

3. The Lion’s Mane Salon

This hair salon not only offers hair coloring but also offers hairstyling and keratin smoothing. You can find them at 17 E Main St, Marlton, NJ. This hair salon seems to be everyone’s favorite for they are always rated 5 stars by their customers. 

4. Adonis Hair Salon and Day Spa

They are located at 230 N Maple Ave, Marlton. They offer various hair salon services including hair colors. Customers describe them as warm and friendly. Visit their website at to know more about their hair color services. 

Hair salon in Marlton NJ

5. Suede Salon and Spa

You can find them at The Promenade 500 NJ-73 South Suite E12, Marlton. They are best known for their good customer service. Their artists are constantly trained in the field by professionals. They offer various hair color services that might help you achieve that vibrant color of your idol. 

You really don’t have to go to South Korea to achieve hair color as exactly as your BTS bias. There are lots of hair colors in Marlton NJ. Above are just some of the best around the area. Feel free to explore their websites to find the perfect place for you. Get that superstar glow! 

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