Product Labelling In Marketing: What Drives Buying Decisions?

When it comes to product marketing and packaging, prime labels and secondary labels are crucial. The first thing customers notice are prime labelling. High-quality images and colours are frequently used on these labels to improve their appeal and attract buyers’ attention. Supplementary labels are those that are used in addition to the primary labels. They’re generally found on the back […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Online Marketplace like eBay

Online multivendor marketplaces like eBay and others are growing at rocket speed these days. These online marketplaces are expected to grow 10x by 2025. Such online malls are strong dominators over traditional marketplaces. Undoubtedly, it is just a matter of changing time and users’ interest. Therefore, if you are planning to develop a website like eBay, you must move on […]