Blockchain Technology Trends To Watch In 2023

What is blockchain technology? How can you benefit from it? What are the trends that are to hit the market in 2023? How can these change the decisions you take? Are these questions bothering you too? Then this article is for you! Blockchain has taken over the market heavily and the reasons for it are obvious. With this growing demand, […]

What Is Student Coins? A Quick Guide To Understanding Student Coin

Student Coins have grown in popularity among young people as a financial commodity. This is because it allows them to make decent money from investments that would otherwise be unavailable in the conventional financial sector. Thanks to the increasing acceptance of blockchain technologies, assets such as bitcoin and ethereum have become household names throughout the world. Blockchain technology has enabled […]

Millennials And Generation Z Will Dominate The Blockchain Market

The Blockchain Market-Millennials born between 1981 and 1996 largely swear by technology and want everything to happen digitally. They are impatient lot who desire to have everything at their fingertips — right from news to booking vacations. They seek intuitive user interfaces, multi-functional and savvy-looking apps. On the other hand, Generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2015) is ahead […]

Soft Fork vs Hard Fork in Blockchain Explained

Be it any software, application, or platform, updates are necessary for the better functioning and removal of bugs and flaws. Constant upgrades help in providing the application or software a boost in performance. Such updates in the field of crypto are known as Forks and are divided into two major categories; Soft Fork and Hard Fork. With the technology being […]