5 Fabulous Ways to Create Super Productive Meetings

5 Fabulous Ways to Create Super Productive Meetings

 Productive Meetings

Unproductive meetings are purely the wastage of time. They never end up on a positive note, rather induce the time to unproductive. To move up with productive meetings, the management needs to upgrade their work-flow with short and productive meetings.

Most of the employees are found to be thinking about other things or daydreaming during long hours of meetings. In such cases, the productivity level gets decreased instead of moving up because long end meetings often disrupt creativity. Whereas, short meetings often boost-up the creativity level and help the employees to manage their work efficiently. 

In this growing era of business, meetings are considered an essential part of increasing the working morale and productivity of an organization. On the other hand, if the meetings go on for long hours and take over the working hour, it’s time for the management to look over the productive areas and reduce the meeting hours.     

Let’s go through some of the top highlights to increase your employees’ working morale and acquire an enhanced workflow to make your meetings more productive.

1. Effective Time Management

Missed deadlines, last-minute rush, not meeting project guidelines, and more are nothing but the outcomes of having unproductive meetings and time slots. To meet the timely submission of projects and accomplish the goals effectively, management must have effective time management. Professionals find it much difficult to handle multiple tasks at the same time. To ease the process, a project management app can work best! The tool allows the management to have an effective schedule which enables the team to focus on the important tasks and reduce their time limits for unproductive meetings.  

A proper time slot helps the employees to focus on prioritized tasks, rather than dealing with multiple meetings and unable to complete any of them. To avoid such situations, the management needs to prepare an accurate time-slot for each of the tasks and projects. With the help of a project management app, the employees will be able to increase their productivity and enhance their working methods. This will save the maximum time of the company and allow them to focus on their prioritized work and accomplish their goals effectively.

2. Start with Specific Purpose

Meetings without any important agenda don’t surpass their efficiency in making the work-flow productive, instead, they pull off the time with hour-long discussions. Whereas, short meetings with meaningful purpose are considered to be the best to increase the working morale. This makes the employees feel low on their work-front, and this affects the productivity rate, as professionals find it difficult to focus on their tasks when more than half of their time goes into unproductive meetings.

Set clear objectives and have attainable goals. The process initiates an easy work-flow and helps the professionals to achieve their goals with increased productivity and enhanced working methods. Online management tools can be of great help as they help the management to increase their productivity and focus on the important tasks rather than having hour-long meetings with unproductive work-flow.

3. Use Online Management Tools

Online tools help the management to initiate productive meetings with effective time strategies and specific goals. The application provides various platforms to collaborate with the team and discuss the queries and solutions to rectify them. With the growing era of digitization, the business is now looking forward to increasing its growth with that increasing digital insights. Though there are various online tools available to make the process easy, a project management app that fits fine for the management work-front. 

It allows the management to connect with their team and have real-time chat on a single platform. They can later avoid frequent meetings with online collaboration. The tools allow the manager and the team to stay in the loop and keep track of ongoing work-flow. Also, the team can collaborate and discuss the queries about the projects and meet. They can manage error-free submission of projects, and meet their deadlines effectively.

4. Task Prioritization

A team can work effectively when given a pre-planned task. When managers shuffle between multiple projects, they find it difficult to finish every task and manage their submission dates while making strategies for the meetings.  When the tasks are prioritized, it helps the team to focus on the prioritized tasks. It make them complete it first, rather than working on not-so-important multiple tasks at the same time.

 Also, the application helps the management to accomplish their goals. This helps meet their deadline effectively while avoiding the last-minute rush and managing error-free projects. The process also helps the organization to look forward to increasing their productivity, with effective working methods and simplified work-flow.

5. Follow – Up

Regular follow-up helps the management to have an effective work environment to increase productivity and have a proper view of ongoing work-flow. To reduce the number of hour-long meetings, regular follow-up works best. The feature enables the management to have short and brief meetings and avoid hour-long meetings.  Short and brief meetings help the organization to put in front the working policies. This helps to take a look at the ongoing work-front. Also this helps making reports to know the outcome and then work accordingly. 

The process initiates an easy flow of project completion. This enables the manager to have quick and short meetings rather than procuring hour-long meetings. Also, the follow- – up enables an excellent path for the professionals to communicate. It helps them discuss the queries, feedback, and generate new ideas for the ongoing projects.


Conducting meetings is a good way. Though having hour-long and unproductive meetings might demotivate the employees. It can lower their morale which may result in reduced productivity and hampered work-flow. Also, the professionals find it much difficult to shuffle between their work front with ongoing projects and tasks. Reduced meeting hours initiated a good working environment with increased efficiency and effective work-flow. 

With the help of a project management app, the manager would be able to know the issues occurring between the projects. He can help the management to solve the queries to get the work completed.  With the help of a project management app, the management can easily acquire productive meetings and save time effectively.