What are the benefits to introduce Assam Bachao for that state?

What are the benefits to introduce Assam Bachao for that state_
What are the benefits to introduce Assam Bachao for that state_

In the Assam state, the elections are close in on which makes all the parties start the political campaigns for increasing the votes. The Assam Bachao Congress is the campaign that is started by this opposite party in the state. Where, this is fine for normal people to tell their problem concerning the current ruling party. The freedom the speech and the expectation from the people are getting together through this strategy. It will surely create new awareness among the state people against the governing party. 

When the political movement is started?

By saving the Assam people from the hands of the convict is the main focus that the president of the congress has introduced in the meeting. It is very much useful to every citizen of the state that too the poor people those who are suffering to tell about their problem that they have met in their daily lives. This is an enormous chance for each individual to deliver their feeling about the state condition and also they can query for what to be demand for them. This is a good idea that everyone wishing the congress party as the committee has declared the rally. The sufferings of the people for the last five years are the lot and some of the big issues that the people have faced extra taxes, demonstration, and the farmer opposition. All the things are biggest mistakes were the people are waiting to give the reprisal and so this battle will help them to boost their confidence and make them vote for the congress which will clear all issues. 

How was the video scheme helpful for the people?

Congress has made the rally to rescue the Assam people. In recent days Social Media video content is becoming more popular in that state. The main purpose of this Assam Bachao congress video is that brings the entire problem which is balanced to solve. In this contest, one and all can take part. If one who is lives in Assam and wants to get a solution for some problem then you all tolerate participating in the video contest. You don’t need to imagine this waste of time and effort. This video will be seen by the concerned people finally the best video will be selected and offer some prizes like iPhone and any rewards. So that you want to participate in this contest and get a chance to win. The video should be an ineffective way which brings a chance to clear the problem and search also top 8 best math books

Additionally, the length of the video should be in two minutes. Thus it is a very easy part to shoot your video and then when it comes to posting a video you all get one of the confusing minds where to post a video. As the video will be posted on Social Media platforms by including the hashtag symbol that is #Assam Bachao.

Don’t miss the chance to make some changes in your state. If your video is in truth and strong they will take immediate action about the problem and give a proper solution to that issue. 

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