Use of Nonwoven Filter Cloth in the Production of PPE Kit

Use of Nonwoven Filter Cloth in the Production of PPE Kit

Nonwoven Filter Cloth

PPE kit: Now everyone is aware of this name. From the medical department to all the front line workers, business houses, servicemen, and workers, normal individual people are aware of its use. These PPE kits are made of non-woven fabric.

PPE kit has received attention when a pandemic hit the world and the Healthcare sector was searching for the safety initiative to break the chain of the global pandemic Corona. 

Nonwoven Filter Cloth PPE kit: A New Safety Initiative

Before the pandemic, it was not as popular in India. But in China, the market of PPE kits was spread at a huge level. When people got to know about the PPE as a safety shield, the manufacturing rate increased dramatically. It has helped to save the life of every individual and to overcome the risk of coronavirus. 

Because of these nonwoven PPE kits, and other safety attributes such as sanitizer, mask, healthcare workers and frontline workers are safe and serving their services around rural and urban locality areas. It is one of the significant weapons to wrap yourself in the security shield.

Nowadays, PPE has become the invertible part of every frontline, Medicare/ Healthcare, Public serviceman. They don’t go outside without wearing these Kits. Masks, gloves are compulsory for everyone. Do you know which is the primary fabric used to manufacture these kinds of kits? 

Microporous fabric is the fabric that is used to make it and which is a non-woven laminated material with the composition of microporous film. The same thing is used to make N95 masks that were first introduced to the public at the initial stage of the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the head caps/covers, surgical masks, face, shields, gowns, shoe covers, etc. All these things have given us relief in such a tense situation.

The main objective to fabricate these Kits was to make something that can give proper safety coverage to all the body structures, and reduce the risk of social infection that revolves in the surrounding atmosphere. These PPE kits are easy to wear and avoid the contact of infectious blood, phlegm, body fluids, sweat, droplets, mucus, salivary droplets, etc. It is recommended to wear proper fit PPE kits so you can be safe.

Meltblown fabric media is one of the most comfortable, high-quality micro-porous fabrics that ensure safety in this tough situation.

Additional facts about PPE kits

We are one of the manufacturers of PP filter cloth or polypropylene filter cloth, Fiberglass filter Paper, woven filter cloth. Here we are mentioning a few things about the PPE kits.

  • The Indian government has figured out 100+ PP filter cloth manufacturer firms that are shipping the cloth for the production of PPE kits. 
  • We all know every business has some complications and hurdles so as in the PPE kit manufacturing. But all these reasons have disappeared as time passed. These issues were related to shipping, working professionals, basic raw materials. Etc. But now we can deliver the material to a different place.
  • The Indian government is giving needful support to the firms involved in polypropylene filter cloth manufacturing for the PPE kits, and also creating awareness for the perfect use of kits. Special instructions, plans, and guidelines are also proposed by the government for the specific fabrics(Spunbond fabric, melt-blown fabric, etc).
  • The guidelines are made after the detailed discussions, meetings, advice of the healthcare workers, and medical field experts. Because we can’t compromise with the help of any individual. Only the tested, and certified products, raw materials are permitted to use.

Certification of PPE for public use

  • Around the world, when anything launched for public uses it needs to be configured, tested, and certified by high governing authorities. PPE also needs to be approved. Many labs are established and developed with synthetic blood penetration resistance test facilities but these labs need to be certified from the official statement and have a huge requirement of PPE kits. 
  • Three main labs that are included in this list are DRDO Gwalior, South India Textiles Research Association Coimbatore, 6 labs operated under Ordnance Factory Board.

If you need fiberglass filter paper, pp filter cloth for lab testing then you can directly contact us to get information about specific products.

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