Top Reasons to Buy Nintendo Wii Remote Controller

Top Reasons to Buy Nintendo Wii Remote Controller

Nintendo Wii Remote Controller

The Nintendo Wii is a video gaming console that uses wireless controls. It can implement the movements of your body, arms, and legs on your television. Released way back in 2006, it is considered to be an underdog to relatively more modern consoles. Even though it may not have the latest technology, the accessories do get updated. The most recent inclusion to the Wii’s accessories collection is the Wii remote. A Wii controller helps turn physical exercise into a fun activity. If you are an inhabitant in Canada, Esource Parts can provide you all kinds of Wii controllers. Check out the best deals on Nintendo Wii Controllers to give your gaming set up a new life. But before you try and get one of these controllers, it is essential to know what you’re putting your money on. Let’s dive into the details!

What is the Wii Remote?

This remote controller utilizes single-handed use due to its elementary design. This design does resemble a traditional remote control layout. Due to this arrangement, the remote controller edges over the Wii classic controller. Since the remote’s design has a perfect fitting for pointing, the motion sensitivity has increased spontaneity. Because of this feature, the console is considered an attractive option for the non-gaming population. The remote is capable of powering on/off your Wii console by a power button. Thanks to this feature, the remote controller boasts the uniqueness that is absent in a traditional controller. On top of that, there are a plethora of reasons that make this controller a worthy purchase. 

1. The Strap and Jacket

Due to the physical exertion of the Wii’s games, you have to move frequently. The repeated movements of your hands could make you accidentally let go of the controller. Since everyone would want to avoid such a scenario, Wii’s remote includes a strap and jacket. The protective strap fits the bottom of the controller. This precaution ensures that it does not fly off during gaming. However, certain games need a full range of motion. This scenario is where the strap can be a problem. Thanks to the on-screen prompts of the Wii, you will know beforehand if the strap’s protection is required or not. The other accessory that comes free with the remote is a specialized jacket. The silicone jacket wraps around the controller and provides additional protection. It helps you get a better grip on your controller, so you don’t accidentally drop it.  

2. The Multi-function Buttons

The Home button of the Wii remote is a shortcut that directly takes you to the home menu. This menu displays the data of the controllers currently in use. Regardless of when you access the menu, the Wii Menu button is a constant. Pressing this button will exit a game and take you back to the home page. Additionally, the remote also has a reset button. Whenever you need to perform a soft reset of a particular application, this button comes in handy. The remote also has a button to show you different operation guides, unlike a Wii classic controller. If you are unsure about a game’s specific controls, this button provides you with the instruction manuals.

3. Acceleration Sensing

This remote is capable of detecting acceleration from three different axes. Top-quality dimensional accelerometers that are not present on a Wii classic controller perform this task effortlessly. Thanks to the inclusion of a PixArt optical sensor, you know exactly where the remote is pointing. When coupled with the sensor bar, the Wii’s remote controller is usable at up to 5 meters.

4. Controller Feedback

The remote controller’s design consists of conventional sound and vibration functionality. Due to the additional speaker on the remote controller, you get a more realistic gaming experience. Thanks to long-distance telecommunication, you can also interact with non-player characters. You can conveniently toggle the sound and rumble options on your remote. This improved controller feedback makes the remote superior to the Wii classic controller

5. Optimized Memory

The 16KiB EEPROM chip of the remote is usable by the host. A section of 6 kilobytes is available that is at your disposal for saving avatars. As long as the remote controller is the same, these avatars are functional on different consoles.

6. Smart Battery

The battery of the remote is on display at the Home menu of the Wii console. The blue LED lights indicate battery health. When you are not in a game, the number of LED light flashes can tell you the battery percentage. There is a maximum of four LED light flashes, with each flicker of light representing 25%.

What is the average battery life of Wii remote?

A new alkaline battery should last at least 30 hours, depending on the amount of use. Likewise, the battery life also depends on the type of usage or the game being played. Moreover, it is based on certain factors like battery quality and age, Rumble, and Wii Remote Speaker Volume.

Final Thoughts

The superiority of the Wii remote is undisputed. The future-proof features and the complex array of colors help it compete with the present market. If you are in the market to purchase a new Wii’s remote controller, you can check in with Esource Parts – the leading supplier of Wii remote controllers in Canada. After all, you are bound to get a top-quality controller for the fairest of prices.  

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