The Delay Flight Can Now Be Known from Google Search


Google has updated its flight features. The update brings a new feature where travelers can find out on their way to the airport.

Google Flight now uses machine learning that will predict flights that are delayed or delayed. In addition, the new features of Google Flight also explain the differences of some classes in the airplane such as economy class with various facilities provided.

The flight delay prediction feature is indeed an interesting feature of the Google Flight application. In a post on his blog, Google said it would comb the historical data of a delayed flight, to search for a general pattern at the end of departure.

The new features include information such as location, weather, and late arrivals. If the algorithm has collected data with 80% confidence, flight information delay will appear when the user searches for it by flight number, route or airline.

So how to use the feature? Users only need to enter their flight number, flight route or airline in Google Search.

The delayed flight information will then appear in the search results. The user will see the aviation in question with the green color for the scheduled flight, and the red description for the possible flight delay.

Meanwhile, the feature that provides basic flight tariff information will help travelers understand what facilities they get if using economy class. Although in the same class, airlines do provide different facilities.

That feature will certainly make it easier for you to get the most comfortable economy class flight

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General Maintenance
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Handling Tactics
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These strategies can help you protect cookware that has a non-stick coating. If you need to enhance and protect industrial supplies, consider using vacuum coating services.

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