Simple Solutions for Common Air Conditioning Problems

Simple Solutions for Common Air Conditioning Problems

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Air conditioning is one of the primary necessities of a home. Especially if you are living in regions with harsh weather, you need to get an AC if you do not have one. That is why the air conditioning in London is a must.

Homeowners usually have very little knowledge about the functioning of the device and its components. This is the reason most of you cannot identify the signs your air conditioning unit gives when it is malfunctioning.

The following problems are the most common in air conditioning systems. You can get faster help with these from air conditioning maintenance in London.

Professionals from the air conditioning service london can find the problems fast and do the required adjustments. 

Filter Troubles

Clogged and dirty filters can cause a wide variety of problems which is a long list.

The air conditioning unit is supposed to turn on and off in a cycle throughout the day. If the filters are blocked, these cycles take place more frequently than usual.

Noisy AC: Yeah, a loud AC is an enormous problem that may affect your sleep adversely. The noise might be caused by the airflow being blocked by the dirty filter.

Internal Freezing: Even though the job of the AC is to keep you cool, the internal temperature of the device should be minimal. If the filters are clogged, then the cold air flow is affected, which will decrease the internal temperature. All the more reason for ice to build up in the coils.

Even if it does not freeze, you will definitely feel uneven cooling, which is a waste of energy.


The one simple solution for all the above solutions is to keep changing the filters from time to time. As the experts in air conditioning repair London says, it is ideal to check your air filters once a month.

A good idea is to change to reusable filters, which can be cleaned if they get dirty. This will also save the money you might spend on changeable filters

Water Leaks

One of the most common issues is the leakage of water from your air conditioning unit. This happens both for the indoor and outdoor units.

The cause for water leakage from the indoor system is because of the blockage of the condensate drain. Humidity removed by the evaporator coil turns to water, which is deposited into the condensate pan. The condensate drain takes this water out of your home.

During the air conditioning installation in London, you can ask the contractor to show you where the drain is located.

The clog causes the formation of algae or fungi, and it leaks under the unit to the walls. Similar water leaks can occur in the compressor unit outside your home.


The solution is to clean the condensate drain from time to time. Just pour chlorine bleach and water down the pipe to keep it clean.

If the condensate pump is broken down, then you might have a bigger problem on your hands. So the best option is to consult a professional from an air conditioning maintenance in London.

Frozen Coil

The evaporator coil in your air conditioner might freeze because of multiple reasons. But before that, you must know how the coil works.

The evaporator coil converts the liquid refrigerant into gaseous form by absorbing the heat from indoors. This gas travels to the outer unit where it turns back into a liquid and releases heat.

Air conditioners have a defrost cycle where the flow of refrigerant is reversed to melt any ice or frost from the coil’s exterior. This is one of the major reasons for frozen coils.

Other causes include low refrigerant levels which allow cool air to pass over coils and when the temperature of the evaporator coil goes below 32 degrees. The ice or frost slowly builds and then it leads to the AC being shut down.


The easier step to take is to allow the evaporator coil to defrost completely. You just have to turn the device off for about 24 hours for this process to complete.

If you want a quick way, use a hairdryer to heat the coil. Before doing any of these steps, make sure you turn the power off. It is much better to call an air conditioning repair London to do the same for you as they are the experts.

Electrical Problems

Using any device for a long time causes some form of wear and tear of the components. It is the same for the air conditioner. The compressor and the fans inside an air conditioning system are more prone to this mode of damage.

The same goes for electrical parts like the capacitors, wires, and terminals which when damaged can prevent the device from turning on.


Never try to do anything with these above-mentioned parts. There is a risk for both yourself and for the device. Especially, the capacitors inside the compressor unit will have charge stored in it even if you turn the main power off.

In case of broken insulation, you can try to mend it yourself. But for the other complex repairs, it is advised to ask for help from air conditioning companies in London.

Wrapping up

Air conditioning servicing is one of the trickiest tasks that you could take up any day. Most of the components are so sensitive that one mistake can hurt both the device and your pockets.

Try to learn more about the system after an air conditioning unit installation. You could get a lot of information about do’s and don’t from websites of air conditioning repair services.

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