How to Know If your pickle has turned bad?

How to Know If your pickle has turned bad?


Pickles, chutneys, and jams are being adored a lot in every Indian house. For many people, their food tastes incomplete if they do not have their favourite spicy pickles on their plate. But there is one thing that can surely turn you sad, and that is your pickle turning bad. Especially if you have prepared it by own or your mom made it for you. It rarely happens, as pickles do not turn bad that easily, as they can be preserved for a long time. But many reasons can make your pickle turn bad. Whether it is homemade or whether you have purchased it, they all have an expiry date.

Next time when you buy pickles in Delhi, do not purchase many pickle containers at one time. Buy only a few that you can consume quickly, and you do not have to store them for a long time. But do you know how to check that your pickles have turned bad? Of course, the expiry date is one way to check that and know that your pickle has turned bad. But you should also be aware of other signs that tell that your pickle has turned bad. So that next time when your pickle turns bad, you can immediately take it off your shelf. Below, we share info related to how to know that your pickles are not good to eat anymore.

Colours of pickles will change

This can be named as the simplest way to know if your pickles are in good condition to eat or not. If your pickles still look bright and of the same color as before, this means they are good. But if they have turned dark or too dull, this means they are no more edible. It usually happens when you store pickles for a long time. Some pickles change their colour over time due to pickling or fermentation. That doesn’t mean they are also not good to eat. But if they have changed their colour after 6 to 7 months, then do not consume them. It would help if you threw them out immediately before anyone in your family tastes them.

Fungus and lining developed over pickles

Most of you would have seen that when pickles are kept for a long time, a white colour fungus starts developing inside the pickle jar. The pickles will turn soft; this clearly states that they are not in good condition to eat. There are numerous reasons for developing this fungus and lining in the pickles, like pickle jars not having enough brine or mustard oil in them to keep pickles in good condition. Add brine or hot mustard oil to the pickle jar before the fungus starts developing. Because once the fungus grows, you have no other resort other than throwing it away. One more reason for fungus development is that pickles are not kept in a dry place. If there is humidity around the pickle jars, take them away and keep them in a dry area. Check all the pickle jars held there, and if you see fungus in any, toss it out.

Taste of the pickles will change

When pickles turn bad, they do not taste the same as they used to when you prepared or purchased them. You will find that the pickles now taste bitter, or they are becoming tasteless. In both conditions, you know that your pickles are no more in an excellent state to consume. Remove them immediately from your shelf so that no one else gets to taste them. Do not try to consume them, thinking that they are not that bad yet. It will only affect your health and your immune system. You should buy spicy pickles in Delhi and store a new jar of the pickle on your shelf.

In some cases, your pickles may start smelling bad also. Or you may see some bubbles developing inside your pickles jars. All these are the signs that clearly say that your spicy pickles have expired. So, please don’t feel sad while throwing them away. Instead, get a new jar of spicy and tangy pickles and add it to your shelf. We advise people that check all the pickle jars after every few weeks to see if they are in good condition or not.

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