A Tutorial in Using Your Hair Extension Kit

Have you ever thought about trying hair extensions in your hair? Maybe the cost of having hair extensions put in discouraged you from getting them? If that is the case, you might want to consider purchasing a hair extension kit.

Hair Extension Kit

Selecting a kit and having someone you know and trust help you install it, you are sure to save yourself some money over having extensions put in a salon.

If you’re thinking about trying out a hair extension kit to save yourself a bit of cash, be sure to select one that has very thorough instructions.

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This hair extension kit is depending on your particular hair extension kit. It may contain some or all of the following; adhesive wax, a melting pot for the wax, the hair extensions, instructions, spatulas, and a comb. You may also need a good pair of strong scissors to cut individual hairpieces.

You will need to first decide on which hair color and hair length you need your kit to be. You’ll need to choose the color closest to your natural hair.

The adhesive contained in the kit will match closely to the hair color you chose (so the adhesive isn’t visible when the hair is placed.

Be sure to leave yourself a lot of time on the day you install the hair because it is sure to take a while from start to finish to get all the hairpieces in.

Be sure to have someone handy who can assist you to put them in, for you likely won’t be able to place the pieces yourself.

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It IS possible to do your own hair extension kit, but if it is your first time doing so, it is best to select a suitable person to help you with this big job.

It is very difficult to see the back of your head, to section pieces, to lay down and adhere to the hair, etc.

With your helper handy, you’ll need to melt the hair adhesive contained in the kit and separate the first section of hair for the first hairpiece.

If the adhesive has an odor when melted, be sure to have good ventilation for the hair adhesive. Using the hair clips included in your kit, you will then need to segment your natural hair as instructed in your kit’s manual.

The ends of the hair extension pieces are dipped into the pot of wax adhesive, then laid out on the natural hair- approximately half an inch below the natural hair’s roots.

The extension hair is held until the assistant is sure it adheres securely. The process is completed over and over again until the hair is placed as desired.

Some things to watch out for when considering using a hair extension kit: the person installing it should really have experience with long hair, and having some common sense as to how to work the layers naturally. Don’t just let anyone do your hair!

You need to avoid any thick areas, or areas that don’t naturally blend. You also need to avoid having an adhesive showing, etc. You’ll also need to be prepared for the hot wax- and be careful not to burn your fingertips when applying.

The entire process for putting in extensions well is a long one; make sure your installer is prepared to put in a full day doing your hair. Be prepared to have something there to help you pass the time.

After you have your new hair placed, you’ll need to know how to care for it. Be sure to read your instruction carefully to know how to care for this particular extension kit’s hair.

To get the most out of your hair extension kit, and to get as long wear as you can be sure to follow these instructions carefully and you’ll enjoy a lovely new long head of hair for a very long time.

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