Experience the aquatic South Florida Beauty in Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park

A stunning national park maybe you’ve never heard of, which is almost completely under the water!

Every year, numerous tourists string along to Florida to escape the cold weather, but only approximately 650K tourists go to the gorgeous Biscayne National Park. Since the park’s water content exceeds 95%, it is not surprising to know that more than half of the tourists come in by boat instead of by car. Biscayne is only half an hour away from downtown Miami, Florida, but far away from the hotel. Until you get into the water, and you can see Miami’s impressive city lines in the distance. For the water babies with a passion for mystery, visiting this often overlooked 270 sq. miles marine paradise is an epitome for Experiencing oceanic South Florida’s Beauty.

Give a Kick-off to your vacation with a visit to this Oceanic beauty Biscayne National Park.

Diving on spooky shipwrecks and coral reefs

The turquoise waters of South Florida are eye-catching, but you can’t see anything until you get to the surface waters. Your very first step must be the trail of Maritime Heritage, a collection of six shipwrecks that ran aground between 1878 and the mid-1960s. As they die in shallow water, snorkelers can easily see them from the surface, as well as tropical fish,  bright corals, sharks, and eels. Unlike the coral reefs in the lower reaches of the Keys, the coral reefs near Biscayne Bay are relatively undisturbed because, so far, scuba diving in the park has been severely restricted.

Take a boat tour of Biscayne National Park.

It is not complete without a boat trip to Biscayne National Park. I say this because you need to stay away from Convoy’s visitor center and visit the three main reefs and coral reefs of the park to experience Biscayne National Park truly. Take a tour of Boca Chita Key to visit mangroves and many wild animals, including several manatees. Make your Southwest Airlines Reservations to visit Miami and reach here to experience more about the boat tour.

Visit the Dante Fascoll Center

The Fascall center is housed at Convoy Point, which is 9 miles east of Homestead, Florida. Stop at the visitor center to familiarize yourself with the area, and you can watch one of the various short films that will take you on a virtual tour of the park. Also, you can view every explanatory display provided by the center. Besides, the visitor center associates the Dante Fascell art Gallery, showcasing the contemporary art by artists who have visited the park and were inspired by the park. Boat tours also depart from the visitor center here.

Try Canoeing or Kayaking

Once you are here, quickly drop your kayak into the waters. Otherwise. Necflo Paddlesports will be happy to rent a kayak for you from Wednesday to Sunday. If you plan to kayak and spend the night at a campground in the park, you can go canoeing/kayaking for free, but be sure to register with the visitor center and get a free permit. Click here to see a guide to the park’s water trails, including Jones Lagoon and Hurricane Creek.

We hope this will make you excited about visiting Biscayne National Park. Once you make Spirit Airlines Reservations and visit South Florida, you can see that there is much more to see and experience. 

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