Essentials Of Uncovering A Fake Review

Uncovering A Fake Review

Internet dependency is rising at a pace never seen before. Starting from the occasional online shoppers to the buyers who prefer offline shopping; all are opting for online markets and e-shopping with an increased degree of preference. The COVID19 pandemic started a chain reaction supporting the tendency of staying at home and attending to the necessities from home itself. Online shopping is not limited to day-to-day groceries and lifestyle products. The home stuck individuals are looking forward to using the internet to enroll in skill development programs as well.

The most reliable source of information, necessary for making a decision regarding an online product or service is an honest review by a user. Hence the importance of an online review is phenomenal and increasing by the hour. Given the importance of an online review, sabotaging the same is increasingly becoming commonplace. Reviews are being tailored and manipulated for misleading or for stealing a buyer.

This discussion will share try to shed light on essential ways of spotting a fake review.

Setting up a scene and dragging in relationships

A review containing a redundant anecdote is undoubtedly fishy. The unnecessary elements prove the presence of intentions for creating confusion and sabotage. If a review is seen creating a scene with multiple characters or telling a story about a product or service should be avoided. Dragging in relationships like mentioning husbands and friends signifies that the review is there to avoid a discussion regarding the purchase experience.


A biased review is not necessarily fake. But in the midst of criticisms and reviews full of negatives, a bias favoring review should be avoided. The chances are, these reviews are tailored to seek attention and praise the positives of a product and avoid shedding light on the real-time experiences.

A review with abnormal fonts and lots of unnecessary punctuations

A review created for seeking attention is pretty easy to spot. An in depth look might reveal additional biases. Clearly, a sparkling font and unnecessary signs like exclamations and question marks reveal the true intention of such a review. There is a good chase that in the end, the review might present a link to a similar product of a competitive brand. A recommendation will be to steer clear of such menaces.

A closer look into the reviewer’s profile

The most important thing after what is written in the review is the person or account writing the contents of the same. Activities of a suspicious reviewer on the same website or in other websites can reveal the truthfulness of that person’s contents.

Author’s recommendation

Fake reviews are crimes against humanity, designed to steal your hard-earned money. As the lockdown continues to force the populace indoors, the workaholic is tending to learn new skills for sustained survival. While choosing an institute for such a venture a keen awareness regarding fake reviews is essential. A quick search with Analytixlabs student reviews reveals the epitome of truthfulness in terms of online reviews. The reviews present on the institute website are honest experiences and opinions of former students only. The identification proof of a reviewer is attached to the reviews and a review by unrelated personnel is never entertained. An example indeed.

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