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Concrete Sculptures For Decorating Your Garden

Concrete Sculptures For Decorating Your Garden

concrete molds
Succulents in round cement pots

Concrete is a highly versatile and widely spoken language. This is due to its excellent technical characteristics. So, recently, garden sculptures made of concrete have become popular.

In general terms, concrete sculpture is made as follows: the first step is to prepare the frame. If we are talking about a massive structure, reinforcement should be used. At the same time, this stage can rightfully be called the most responsible, because the cost of an error is very high.
Advice: if a hollow structure is adopted, then before applying it must be wrapped with a fine metal mesh.

Then the solution is poured in several layers. In this case, it is very important to wait until complete setting and only after that throw on a new layer. As a result of such pulses, the product should be completely formed.
Especially creative people can create a frame from almost anything – even the most unnecessary things.
Especially creative people can create a frame from almost anything – even the most unnecessary things.

If necessary, you can apply diamond drilling holes in concrete. It will allow you to make recesses in the structure without harm to it.
Next, the resulting sculpture is painted. Moreover, only the procedure carries not an aesthetic purpose, but also a practical one – protection from moisture, crackling, etc.

The last step is to move the resulting artwork (if you try very hard) to the intended place. If we are talking about a monolithic concrete structure, then it will be necessary to start it with a truck crane, because the weight of such a structure will turn out to be impressive.
This is how the manufacturing technology looks like. As you can see, nothing complicated.

Specific Recipes For Making Sculptures

If you asked the question of how to make a sculpture out of concrete with your own hands, then the information below is especially for you. We have presented to your attention several simple “recipes” that any person can use to cope.


concrete mushroom

Looking at this photo, it is difficult to imagine that these funny figures are made from a mixture of cement, sand and water. So, first of all, our instructions will provide a very unusual figure – a mushroom (also find out what the modulus of elasticity of concrete is).

To create the leg, we need a shape. To make it, take a piece of roofing material or linoleum and roll it into a pipe. However, ready-made concrete molds for sculptures are being sold today.
Pour the solution into this pipe, and place a piece of reinforcement in the middle. It will play the role of a strength frame so that our structure does not fall apart.
Now you need to take care of the hat. This requires a small indentation in the burdock leaf (it will give the cap a “wrinkle”).
After that, it is necessary to pour the solution into this depression. After waiting about 30 minutes, you should insert a few nails into the center of the cap (for strength).
After letting the hat dry completely, you need to put the leg there. We put the solution on its upper part and fix the hat. After five days, our concrete sculpture will be completely finished.


concrete vase
Succulents in round cement pots

Now let’s consider a more complex creation – a vase, which can be completely used for its intended purpose. Such a sculpture made of concrete with your own hands is created from improvised means. To create an appropriate shape, you can use, for example, a canister or even an ordinary box.
Prepare the solution: sand (3 parts) + gravel (3) + cement (2). Remember that the strength of the product depends on the brand of cement. As a result, we create sculpted concrete with our own hands.
Interesting: there are special ready-made mixtures for such work. They differ in that it contains various mineral and inorganic additives that increase its technical characteristics.

The solution must be stirred until it takes on the consistency of thick sour cream. Next, you need to process the form of technical oil. Then you need to throw a solution 5–6 cm thick onto the bottom and tamp it.
Now we set the top shape. This must be done so that the thickness is uniform over the entire area. Next, we make reinforcement To do this, insert the reinforcement into the wasteland between the form. Then this space is filled with a solution. If you find unusual shapes, you can create a real work of art.

Now you need to let the created product dry. For complete solidification of the concrete mass, you will have to wait 2-3 days. All this time, it is necessary to ensure that the sun’s rays do not fall on our vase, because from their influence it will begin to crack.
Next, take out the vase and cover it with slightly damp burlap and wrap with foil. In this form, it should stand for about seven days. This measure is needed in order to prevent cracking of the sculpture.
It is recommended to cover it with paint (water-based, enamel or oil). This procedure will not only decorate our product, but also protect it from various environmental influences.

If you wish, you can decorate the vase with any decorative items (glass, shells, etc.). In general, turn on your imagination or ask professional landscaping company for help, and you will certainly get something beautiful and unusual.
If you are not satisfied with the shape of the product to some extent, then there is a way out. Cutting reinforced concrete with diamond wheels allows you to adjust structures without the risk of their destruction.

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