Challenges faced by Educators during Covid-19 and how to overcome them?

Challenges faced by Educators during Covid-19 and how to overcome them?


The unprecedented covid-19 pandemic has brought a complete change in the education industry. All the educational institutions have been shut for a year now impacting billions of students worldwide but out of this there were 9 Best Organizations With Work From Home Jobs In Education. This change has however encouraged the use of online education to continue the process of learning in a hassle-free way. Students are making the most of technology to learn online by using online learning platforms while teachers are teaching with the help of various teaching platforms that are available online. 

Needless to say, in this digital age, technology is helping humans to make their day-to-day life easier. Similarly, it has contributed to online education where both teachers and students can connect with each other through a number of online applications and continue to carry their teaching and learning. However, there are many challenges that are faced by educators during these unfortunate times which we shall discuss below. 

What are the Challenges Faced By Educators During Covid-19?

  • Lack of Digital Skills

The sudden shift to online teaching caused a state of fear and anxiety among teachers as many of them were unaware of handling things online. While conducting an online class, teachers must be well-aware of basic technologies however after years of teaching offline, teachers were not able to adapt to online teaching quickly. 

An online approach is entirely different as it requires one to teach via teaching platforms, create online study material and provide a good learning experience to students. In addition to this, educational institutions were unable to provide sufficient digital training to teachers which further led them to a state of anxiety. 

  •  Lack of Social Interaction

 Teachers felt the absence of social interaction as an online teaching approach might be very overwhelming. Many teachers wanted to see their students and peers in person rather than connecting through online mode. Also, the struggle to keep students engaged in their learning with minimal social interaction was a challenge in itself. 

  • Technical faults & the digital divide

While teaching online, technical glitches like poor network connectivity, internet buffering, etc was faced by teachers. On the other hand, while many teachers were able to arrange online mediums for teaching, students were unable to do so. Students who reside in rural areas didn’t possess an internet connection or devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones to learn online. Hence, teaching these students was a tough task for teachers. 

  • Unable to judge Student’s Reaction

When teaching in offline mode, teachers were able to see their students and know whether they had understood the concepts or not. However, when teaching through an online teaching platform, teachers were unable to judge their student’s reactions. This was a challenge for them as they have to provide education to students as per their individual pace and needs. 

  • Financial challenges

Teachers face a lot of challenges while teaching online and making enough money for survival during covid-19 times. With educational institutions already cutting their staff or paying them half their actual salaries, teachers were enforced to work in such conditions. 

How can Educators Overcome these Challenges Faced during covid-19? 

  • Possess a Lifelong Learning Approach 

Teachers must be able to learn and adapt according to the changes in the education sector. For this, they must possess a lifelong learning approach. Talking about digital skills then teachers must learn and master those skills so that they can teach online as well as provide an excellent learning environment for students. They can take the help of online teaching courses or talk to an expert educator via social learning platforms who have aced this approach in the past. 

  • Make use of Online teaching platforms

Online Teaching platforms are an effective way to get started with your online teaching. The platform allows you to fulfill all your teaching needs in a single place like creating courses, study materials, conducting live classes, assigning homework, earning money and much more. So, teachers should choose a reliable platform that allows them to teach online. 

  • Communicate with your students 

Communication is the key when it comes to teaching and learning online. An online approach can be confusing at times so teachers must clearly communicate with students and walk them through the study plan before starting their online class. In addition to this, teachers must also be clear about the upcoming tests, homework and other study schedules. This can help in making the students mentally ready for their online classes. 

  • Engage Students through Innovative Study Materials

Creating innovative and fun study materials will ensure good participation and engagement among students. Teachers should try to create study materials like videos, e-books, presentations, etc so that students can learn from a variety of materials. 

  • Check for technical issues Beforehand

Teachers must make sure that all their software and hardware issues are resolved before the start of the online class. For this, they should check their internet connection, teaching devices like smartphones, laptops, etc, background noise and proper lighting. This will not only make a good impression but teachers can keep their students engaged in their online class as students will be able to stay more focused on their learning. 


online teaching will result in a positive and successful approach with the above-mentioned solutions. Teachers should overcome these challenges by continuously learning and evolving as per the latest situation and need. Make use of a good online teaching platform and communicate with your students frequently while providing them with timely and relevant feedback. Lastly, with the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, teachers should adopt online teaching and get a hold of technology to fulfill their teaching needs. 

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