Can Video Walls be Used as a Medium to Enhance Customer Engagement?

Can Video Walls be Used as a Medium to Enhance Customer Engagement?

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Keeping customers engaged is an essential aspect of every business entity. This article puts light on video walls and how they can help in engaging customers.

With new technology introducing every year, the dependency on these techs has increased rapidly. Businesses have started using unique methods to increase customer experience for the betterment of their work.

Utilizing video walls has become the latest trend in attracting customers. Though they look highly appealing and surely add value to the business but are can they help in boosting customer engagement? Below are the ways how these displays can be used for this purpose.

1 Entertaining

No matter what place people visit, they want to get entertained. With that thing in mind, video wall displays can entertain all the customers and keep them engaged with your products. Along with entertainment, you can start promoting your products which will fulfill two tasks at once; keeping the customer engaged while advertising your products.

2 Grabs the Attention

Now people feel mundane when people approach them to provide details or information about any item. Sometimes paperwork is also combined with the task making it even boring for the customers. On the other hand, using a video wall can provide digital information to the audience which grasps their attention. In addition to that, the customizable options present on the display can be used to enhance the experience as per the interests of the consumer.

3 Interaction with Screen

There are plenty of video walls available that offer interactive features. Such functions can be highly beneficial for the business regarding customer engagement. Customers can use the touchscreen display to attain desired information. You can customize the features as you want and let the customer know what they want on their own. This interactive experience will keep the customer hooked for a longer time which is excellent for your business.

Which is the Best Type of Screen for this Task?

Several types of displays like LED and LCD are available readily, but there is a unique screen that is highly beneficial for businesses. Laser Phosphor Display or LPD is becoming popular steadily and offers tons of benefits to the users. The reason why it is becoming popular is that it requires half of the total energy required on other major screens. Apart from that, the refresh rate, viewing angles, and great shelf life are what makes this among the best type of screens. The interactive features are also present to ensure the utmost use of this display.

These points were surely convincing enough to get a video wall display. When you have decided to get one for your business, then you should not rush in this task. Rather consider some factors before getting one.

The first thing to understand is the place where you want to put the display. Video walls are a big investment that you are going to make, and you should know about their future location. Factors like indoor placement and outdoor placement and going to affect your choice. Make sure to consider all these factors before picking the right one.

Apart from that, the type of content you are going to play should also be a factor. With several video file formats, you should know whether the format you want to play is supported by the screen or not. The majority of screens accept all the major video formats so this should not be a problem, you should check to be safe. Now you know how you can use video walls for better customer engagement. With all the above-mentioned information, you will not only get the best video wall display for your business but will get the most out of it for sure.

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